Web Browser Hardening

Hi Logan & Wendell, I've been learning a lot about networking, security, and white hat hacking/security auditing the last couple of years. I've decided to make it a career path, and have been learning about web browsers and their vulnerabilities.

Do either of you take any sort of precautions when using your web browser (besides your VPN) to browse the web. Precautions such as using extensions like "HTTPS Everywhere" or "NoScript", changing your DNS server IP from your ISP/Google defaults, disabling cookies? And do you think it is useful for privacy and security of the average user or mostly just a waste of time?

Also please film another INBOX.EXE episode, there's some good or weird questions floating around that need to be answered Tek Syndicate


- Richard "The Interjection" Stallman

Is your name really Richard Stallman?

hahahah ... you kill me

after being interested in network security and focusing on my own network security I watched some vids on pen testing and it scared the hell out of me ... I'm not touching any of that ... looks dangerous to me.

Dangerous how?