Web-based spreadsheet viewer needed

I have a bunch of spreadsheets and want to view them on the web. I basically want a (stripped down) version of Google Docs for my own webserver without using Google.

The features can be limited, I don't need much:
- support for spreadsheets (ODF or XLS format), Word isn't needed
- read only (I edit them exclusively on my computer using LibreOffice)
- ability to search and sort (at least sorting, searching can be done by the browser itself)
- PHP/JavaScript-based

I use these spreadsheets basically as lists/databases. A web-interface that processes excel files to (sortable/searchable) tables would also be an appropriate solution.

What I don't want is a subscription-based solution or too much overhead. I want to dump excel files on my mounted spreadsheet folder and simply view them by entering a webaddress.

Do you know a script that provides this functionality or do I have to write my own?

If I were you I would try printing each spreadsheet as a pdf.

Anyone can view your doc and it can not be edited.

sorting is an important requirement, I don't think that this is possible in a PDF

https://github.com/mleibman/SlickGrid/wiki Looks pretty promising.