We all would be as insane as Deadpool

Think of how insane it is that there are people in this planet walking among us trying to unravel the universe such as the big bang, dark matter, black hole, and multi-universes. Scientist that are essentially trying to unravel the full frame of our existence. It would be essentially the same as a drawing being aware of each stroke of the pencil that makes up itself and every other composition of that image its in, and, ultimately, aware that someone drew each stroke on that paper.

That's no different than what scientist are doing today except instead of pencil strokes on a paper, we're trying to figure out what dark matter, or what's inside a blackhole. We're essentially tracing out the strokes of our own universe, ergo, how it came to be drawn, and by whom. Now think of how insane that made Deadpool. Wouldn't the same thing happen to us if we had that level of self-awareness?

The human mind naturally tries to seek patterns and systems. What's insane is people living normal lives - whatever the hell normal means.

I hypothesize about that kind of stuff all the time and I think I have it pretty much figured out. Those scientist should talk to me if they want answers. All of that deep thinking hasn't affected me... much.

Oh... Wait... I forgot... I have been certified insane by the US Government. (true fact: I'm disabled)

I think the reason why Deadpool is as insane as he is even though is more self-aware, and by that extension, more enlightened than the rest of the Marvel characters is because he was born into it as a character rather than evolved, or learned into self-awareness and enlightenment. He just didn't have the mental capacity or intellect to deal with the fact that he knows he's a comic character and that someone is drawing him on each panel. So he developed multiple personalities or voices in his head and a dark sense of humor to cope.

Put that into perspective of our reality, imagine in our current state of our humanity, if we suddenly had this knowledge of what really makes the universe ticks, I mean knowing everything like what's inside the blackhole, knowing what dark energy is which is essentially the other 68% of what makes up the universe, knowing what came before the big bang, knowing where consciousness starts and ends, etc... That would make us all insane. Like we don't even have the mental capacity to empathize because we still have racism, warfare, and worship of money. Our pebble minds would explode, let alone conjure up multiple voices like Deadpool just to cope with reality.


Or we can just accept the facts as they are and always have been in regards to how the universe works and not get upset that we can't be invincible.