WD Recording HD

Hi I have a question about the WD Velociraptor drives and the WD Caviar Black Drives.
Which one is better for HD recording?

Caviar Black
32 MB/Cache
7,200 rpm

10,000 rpm
I really need to know

I would suggest going with the Velociraptor 10,000 RPM drive.
It's faster and from the way WD is boasting about them, I would think they are built better.

for the price a velociraptor harddrive goes for, it has to be better.

Can someone also explain to me what the memory cache does?
I'm a newb : (

it is a buffer.

it reads information off the platters, into the cache, then passes it out to memory.

or it takes data in memory passes it into the buffer and writes it to disk in its sweet old time.

So a bigger buffer is better?

Yes, to an extent. Â 32mb is within that limit.I'd go with the Caviar Black myself.

You have to look at overall specs, how fast the drive can write/read.

Of course WD doesn't post the average seek time for the Black drives.. only the Raptor drives.

I was talking about this with Logan earlier.

You say HD recording. From what are you recording?

if this is all really about editing.. I would go with the 1TB black drive.. OR get the new Samsung 1TB drive.
It has a 32MB cache and it has the capacity.. and it's average seek time is only 8.9ms

If you are real-time recording Videos from an external Video source. I would reccomend the 10,000 RPM drive any day of the week.

Most of your video production companies will use 10,000RPM SAS/SCSI drives.

I guess I am saying I need a better understanding of what you are actually doing.

I am trying to record my Xbox 360 from a PCI-e capcard

Final answer.Â

The black drive has more capacity. It will work fine with what you want to do.. Use the drive as the storage point for your videos, but not for a paging file or something else that would take up I/O.

The Raptor drive would work better, but you can only get in 300GB.

I would get the black drive, the higher capacity will be your saving grace.

If I wanted to run a video production house, I would get a system that had SAS drives and several TB of storage.