WD Caviar Blue vs Seagate Desktop SSHD?



I need a replacement hard drive for a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit, and I came across this hybrid drive for desktops..http://www.falconcomputers.co.uk/seagate/1tb-8gb-serial-35-solid-state-hybrid-drives-s-ata-6gb-s-64mb.html .  It's £20 more than a WD Caviar Blue 1TB, is it worth the extra money, and will I see much of a difference?




A friend recently used one in his new build and from what I've seen of it the performance was pretty great.

Right, so do you use them exactly as you use a regular hard drive?

Yeah, the caching is done by the drive on a block level so as far as you and your operating system are concerned it's just a normal drive.

Fantastic, thanks for your help.