WD Blue or WD Green?

So, its Black Friday. And I'm gonna get a new hardrive for my computer. (I got a 120gb ssd and its running out of space) I decided between a WD Blue and WD Green. The blue is faster but, is louder and hotter than the wd green. The WD green is quieter and cooler, but it isnt as fast. I will be storing mostly games on it and maybe a few videos. Im not sure which one to get. Thank You!

I have 2 of both in different machines, the blue is quieter than my case fans and noticeably quicker for sequential tasks; if you are storing game binaries go for the Blue.

+1 to BGL

WD Blue hands down.

They aren't as loud or hot as you might think. I have one, and it works extremely well. Since you're mostly storing games on it, then you'll definitely appreciate the extra speed that the WD Blue drive delivers.

Ok guys. Thank you