WD Black Vs WD Blue, Which Hard Drive?

I'm going to purchase a hard drive but can't decide, WD Black Or WD Blue. Of course if I have the money for the WD black, why not get it ? Well I want to save some money to buy games, and for the price of the WD Blue it's pretty cheap and seems decent, and is the performance of the Black really worth the money or should I be saving money and buying some games with the blue(and upgrading later on) ?

I appreciate any help, ya know.

WD balck drives are faster but both are good drives 

The black generally has faster read/write if I remember correctly - I also recall hearing that you get a more efficient replacement warranty on the black drives (they don't wait to receive your dead drive before sending you the new one or something along those lines).

WD Black have a longer warranty, and are generally more reliable. About the same is reads, but slightly faster writes.

I'm going with the WD Black, seems like the right choice ya know.


Go black they make blacks to be booting drives and Blue is more for like data within a system that has a boot drive and you'll notice the blue only go up to 1TB where Blacks are up to 4TB. Blues are good if your Mom/sister/dad needs a computer to say read his/her facebook and balance his/her cheque book.