WD Black NVME SN850 bent

I have been using WD Black NVME couple of months. It’s installed in the motherboard slot using the correct screw. I also has active cooler on it which is attached by rubber bands.
Well it’s little a bit bent.
This does make sense because it’s under the spring tension of the slot.
Just wonder if this would affect longevity.

From my experience not really; so long as it’s not too sharp of a grade.

I had an Intel one that was bowed from day one but still runs just fine.

My point is that if it is properly detected by the operating system then you should be fine. However, one potential issue is that custom motherboard heatsinks won’t sit at all on the device so if you planned on using them now you cannot.

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As long as the board traces connect and the surface mount components don’t pop off it is all OK.

I’ve seen some really alarming motherboard bending when someone tried to pull one out with one of the screws still screwed down. It was fine.

I don’t think it will. Luckly the temperature reached on the drive are not as high as the internal temperature of a GPU core, for example, that may cause part of the die to lose contact with the BGA underneath due to the repeated heat cycles of the thing.

If I’m not mistaken even my M.2 is very sligtly bowed by the motherboard heatsink (technically the SoDIMM.2, but it’s the same thing. No springs on it).

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Thanks, good point.
Mine is the SN850 2TB and it really requires heatsink, it gets easily over 80C so I use a heatsink with two fans in it. The thermal pad still mostly touches it.
I guess warranty should cover it if any issues would rise, as I am using it properly.

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