Ways to get by barracuda firewall

So, my HP laptop burnt up (Surprise there, I know.) I have to use my Cyber School laptop for everything until Black Friday when I'll be ordering all the parts for a new desktop. It's got a barracuda firewall that blocks Youtube, Facebook, and Netflix. It blocks most forums and stuff but those are the main things I'm missing out on. I've had no Facebook for like, 5 months which I consider pretty good. So I feel like it's time to hop on and just see what I've missed. Cyber school + no Facebook = Feeling like I'm missing out.I've heard Foxy Proxy works well but I can't get the internet on it to work once I set it up. So I'm most likely doing it wrong. So I need some help here.

try some mint


scared of linux, this is the way to go


Have you tried Tor? If Tor doesn't work, you can use Ultrasurf - it helps me get facebook while in China.

try this, it'll punch a hole through any firewall


I installed ubuntu 3 times and it still says missing files, I'll try these.