Ways of stopping people connecting to your router?

ok so imagine this hypothetical situation 8)

i use bt5 a fair bit and wrote a quick tutorial on wps attacks on here,

i use 2 networks normally (@ home), 1 i have permission to use and, 1 that i dont

now the one whose permision i have moved out yesterday, the flat is empty except for the router now, but tomorow, virgin are coming for the router and tv box,

so normally i would just jump on to the one i dont have permission for, but....since i was last on there, the owner, has learned some blocking ninjitsu! so here comes PvN!

this is what i know

1 the password is the same, double checked using -p on reaver in backtrack

2 its not a mac addy block, i have a mac changer, and we have been cat and mousing for a little few months with that, but this is not that but changed it again to be certain- no dice

3 as soon as i click connect it tells me windows was unable to connect, and i mean as soon as i click- instantly


so, what manner of block could this be, and more importantly how to pwn it, or im going to be trying to get on with just a tethered android, and life is far to short for that

so any one have any ideas?

(if the idea is to flame me for being a scumbag, feel free ;))


Ever considered that since they've moved out, virgin has disconnected that router from their service.

The router has also by the sounds been remotley told to not allow any new connections.

- zanginator

But anyway in regards to "stopping people" The DHCP server may have been turned off, this stops IP assignment and thus nothing can connect.

It may be detecting your masking your MAC address and automatically blocking you.

It depends on the router and the services it dishes out.

- zanginator

thanks for the reply zanginator, the folk who have moved and let me use their network (that i am on now) will go off tomorow when the service provider collects the hardware back,

i have been on the second network yesterday for the first time in  a while, i was on maybe 2 hours disconnected and went to bed, this morning i connect, for around 40 mins and got disconnected, i am no longer able to connect to that router, i have the correct password and can change mac addy at will (this network see's me and every now and then gets a new trick to keep me out, first they changed the passwords, i got round that after i sussed that was the problem, then they started banning mac addresses, after a few weeks i figured it out and got back in, now we have been doing the mac address thing since before christmas, but yesterday/today they have found a different way to stop me connecting, it isnt the mac, password, computername or details (i tryed to connect from a live ubuntu cd- no go) so im asking for inspiration really, i cant suss how they are blocking me so cant bypass it, any ideas?

thanks for reading

use airsniff to get HIS mac. then do a deauth attack on him. change your mac on your actual wlan port. connect, then stop the attacks.

^this^ ztrain, that is the kind of thing that i m after, thank you will go do a bit of research on that now and have a try as soon as i have my head round it, any reccomended reading you can point me to?

Most people aren't too tech saavy, so It's probably a whitelist. It would be too time consuming to constantly check and see what MAC's are connecting to his router and block them and if he knows how to do that he probably already has all of your network traffic. He is probably only allowing access to computers that he's allowed. airodump-ng and check what MAC's are connected to his wifi (it'll be under stations), then change your MAC to one of those, once you do that you should get into the router configuration and check for a whitelist or anything like that and add your MAC (or preferably a spoofed MAC that you'll use whenever you connect to that network)


Or you could just ask permission, maybe offer to split the internet bill, that generally works, but I'm guessing that's out of the question at this point in time.

Easy to bypass a router, you reset it which is usually a small button on the back of the router, you then must know it's factory password....