Wayland is usable already?

I know that Brennan already uses Wayland/Weston, so my question is: is safe to try it out, or is going to break my system?



Completely safe to use, works pretty well with Gnome 3.12. The functions that haven't been ported to Wayland yet, just continue to run on X11.

I see... i'm really looking forward for wayland, thanks for the info :)

What :O I must investigate this.

I'm a little bit sad that it doesn't run on any of my favorite DE's yet, but I suppose they'll come in time. I wasn't aware we could use it yet, so I'll definitely take advantage of this.

It's mainly devs using it atm, for testing and (giving back to the community) such - or not.

I know that feel, i want to use with XFCE... oh well...