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Way to watch the news without Google?


Is there a way for patrons to watch the videos without having to connect to the all-seeing eye of Alphabet?


Nay, it’s tightly integrated with google, please consider connecting your profile



Subscribe to the channel via RSS and use youtube-dl to snag new videos.


I believe that patrons get their own special news video.

Wendell posted some of the older patreon news videos here I believe.


Perhaps in future you can see level1techs in Floatplane?


I like the idea of Floatplane so far. In one of their recent podcasts, Luke was saying they’re going to try to keep it to where you can post whatever you want as long as it’s not illegal (keep in mind, they’re in Canada, so Canada laws apply). I think realistically that’s not exactly how it’s going to end up, but I do think they’ll have a much more fair policy for creators (unlike YouTube’s knee-jerk policies) since they themselves are creators, and since it’s subscription-based they don’t really need to appease advertisers.


lol, I’m removing Alphabet from my life. There are substitutes for the rest of their services, but my favorite video creators are all on YouTube, so that one piece is harder.


No, the Patreon posts link to the YouTube video (though Patrons do get the full version on Tuesday)