Way to reboot remote piece of equipment

I live in a very remote area, with very few internet options. The company I currently have is a WiSP, but there system is junk, and needs to be reset quite frequently. My house is in a valley so I have their antenna/modem setup on a hill, on my property, and I have Ubiquiti transmitters/receivers that send a signal down to my house. If I have to reset their hardware it’s a 15 minute trek to do so, and the weather (rain, sub-zero temps, scorching heat and humidity, ect) can make it a very miserable 15 minutes. When I reset it I just unplug the ethernet cable from the PoE injector.

What I am looking for is a small device that will plug into the ethernet cable that I can remotely tell to turn off the power. I can reset my Ubiquiti devices (haven’t ever needed to) from my desk via the browser, and it would be nice if I could kill the power to the WiSP’s equipment in a similar manner.

If all else fails, hack the power grid and cycle power to the neighbourhood

more seriously, from memory most of the APC smartUPS models allow you to turn on/off individual power outlets via webUI

probably not the small device solution you’re chasing, but if you need/want a UPS anyway, it may be worth killing two birds with one stone. If you already have a UPS, look into whether they have a network management add-in for it.

For around the house, I’d recommend setting up watchdog using one of those esp8266 based smart power sockets that connect to WiFi. They cost <$10, since all they have is a relay and an esp8266 in some plastic housing.

A relay can’t exactly be used for poe, how does power get into your ethernet injector? Is it solar powered with just a lipo battery pack? or is it there a sealed lead acid battery there? Ability to use a dumb relay would add a lot of reliability there.

Additionally in terms of how to control it?

I can think of 3 options:

  1. If there’s wifi over there, buy a smart socket example. This gets you manual+watchdog control.
  2. If there’s ethernet, diy: get a lan8720 on an esp32 and a relay (total <$10, maybe even <$5)
  3. If you want remote control, diy: a pair of esp32, a pair of RFM95 LoRa modules (a few km, very low bandwidth high range wireless) and a relay. Total <$10.

NASA? Is that you?

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would something like this work for you?

That is an interesting device, didn’t know they made such a thing. You know we have a BIG problem with ISPs if they are marketing it as a way to reboot modems and routers.

Unfortunately there is no WiFi at that site. I might be able to get the Nanobeams (I am using) to act as a WiFi access point, but I don’t think the Nanobeam can be setup to be both a WiFi access point and a wireless network bridge at the same time. I would be nice if there was something like that I could connect to the ethernet cable, that comes out of the PoE power adapter, then it wouldn’t need the WiFi.

However (since I was there), while looking through Ubiquiti’s site, I found https://www.ui.com/accessories/edgepower-24v/ it has a remote management utility, basically it could work as a remote managed PoE power adapter (I believe the WiSP antenna/modem is 24V). But, I will have to look into whether rebooting the EdgePower devices will kill power to the devices plugged into it? Don’t really need the battery backup option, but it may be a nice to have.

You could get mikrotik hex in between the two nanobeams, and toggle poe from a script. different poe standards

But I think a pair of rfm95 + esp32 and a dumb relay is probably the most reliable solution of those offered on this thread.

edit: maybe get a cheap gigabit wifi accesspoint to add to that an old 2.4GHz only wifi accesspoint, and use it with a smart socket. Not sure what’s the cheapest you can get - it doesn’t have to be reliable - the socket could toggle it as well.

Maybe a router with both PoE and OpenWRT support - connect it before their modem, have a script ping it regularly, and cycle PoE/restart if there’s no response ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Best comment! haha

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