Waterproof Back pack for an 18 inch behemoth

Alright, i'm bringing along an 18 inch laptop heft for on site map stitching work. any suggestions for a waterproof backpack that's field worthy? weatherproof is sufficient though. doesnt have to survive a sinking ship, cause i wont.

Well how much did you want to spend?

Just remove the logos and you basically have a standard military backpack with the option of a rain cover and tons of space, it should fit an 18" laptop

it's $110 at wal-mart doesn't seem to be too bad a bag at that price


$35 for the same style, apparently waterproof

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You're a life saver. Anything writing 300 bucks is good.

Was wonder if this bag would fit the 18 inch laptop. MSI GT80 to be precise.

Might be a tight fit, plus that looks like it'd be heavy and bulky to carry around everyday

The water sealed feature of Pelican is a major plus though. I use Pelican cases during field works. I'm clueless regarding the fit for the laptop in the Pelican bag pack. Razer looks good, albeit the logo sighs

I own the peli backpack; Yes it is heavy; yes it is bulk. But get hit by car... your labop suvives with no scratches... so well I had distraction at the hospital.

tl;tr: heavy, bulky = a tank; yes it is a tank for a labtop

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If you needed a laptop that resilient though I'd go for a tough book


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How does MSI GT80 fit into the peli u100 in your opinion?

Keep the suggestion coming.

Oh.. overlooked that... its not just 18inc its thick.. I think it wont fit from the thickness. But for that Goliath you better get a trolley to save your spine from snapping :P

Both, the peli backpack plus that solid concrete block of IT engineering will hurt your back I suppose

That was all my suggestions lol otherwise there's tons of backpacks, maybe just go to a store and pick one out

Gonna assume that's a peli case there.

Thanks man. Any suggestion helps.

Yes. Peli trolley on google should find you online retailers for your region

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Anything from Military1st is usually top quality, just look for the cheapest waterproof pack. They have amazing jackets too.


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Thanks Marlon. No details about if it fits the 18 incher though.

Thanks. Will look it up

Yeah, if you have the time I'd email them I'm sure they will help you out.