Watercooling vs Stock heat sink reduce ambient temps?

So i was wondering... 

My stock fx8350 runs at 60c 'fully loaded'and my room feels warm at times. 

I wonder would a custom watercooled CPU reduce my bient temps? If so what would the reduction be? By 1-5degrees?

If GPU is watercooled would ambient temps decrease further?

It would decrease by a ton.  Stock to Hyper 212 EVO for me was about a 30c diference at idle

You can't cheat thermodynamics.

Thats very cool!

So would my ambient temps decrease if using watercooling? As compared to an evo 212?

Energy is conserved. No matter how you dissipate the heat, heat output will remain the same. To do otherwise would violate the first law of thermodynamics. I think nwhiteman_42 was thinking about cpu temps, not ambient temps.

As Woody Carson said with the law of thermodynamics, using a cooler that reduces the temperature of the chip will actually increase the ambient temperature because of this.  The heart energy is always there just depends where it is being transfered to.

Shit lol i thought it would be so but needed confirmation :) Cause it'll constantly cool the cpu and the cpu runs at a fix temp under load.

Thanks for the enlightenment guys :)

very informational :)