Watercooling unit for Ryzen

So, I'm going to buy Ryzen as soon as possible (since my mainboard stopped working in December) and I'd like to get a water cooling solution. Am I correct that be quiet! (they mail AM4 brackets, which takes up to two weeks), Cooler Master, Corsair and EVGA are the only companies that offer AM4 support?

Do you guys think that there is a noticeable difference between the be quit! 280 and the Corsair h110i? Also, according to tomshardware the NZXT Kraken X61 seems pretty reasonable, but it remains to be seen if NZXT is going to offer AM4 support for it. Any ideas or recommendations on what I should do? I've been without a proper PC for far too long, which is why I'd like to get my new system as fast as possible :D

which chip are you getting

if your going for the 1700 (not x) The Wraith is really all that's needed

I am propably going to grab the 1700X.



every 280 aio is within a mousefart of each other so youre only real concerns should be price and availability (I'm assuming you've suggested these two based on they are compatible)

a 240 would work fine as well

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ok that's good to hear, thx.