Watercooling F.A.Q

that block has 7 possible points of entry/exits for the liquid. is it possible to have 2 pumps pumping liquid into the block?

is plumbers tape (telon) a good idea?

my idea is to have  2 pumps pulling from one res, into the block, then from the block to 2 rads, and rads back to res.

That is a good question. I was thinking of picking some up. My plan is to get the pipe, thread it, bend it, etc, and find adapters for the parts I want.

A good idea? Well, plenty of people do it over at [H], and there's not much that could happen due to the tape. It won't really be necessary, but if you want that extra sense of security, you could.

i wish there was specs like max flow or something.

Also, Anarekist, if you have compression fittings, you will never need the tape - that's the whole point of compression fittings with orings.

thanks. i think i will go that route. what do you think of using 2 pumps into one full gpu block?

Using two pumps for what reason, though? A single pump is sufficient for 99% of loops.

i have two 140 rads i wana use and was thinking of setting them up in parallel with two pumps pushing into the block and out to the rads, then to the rez. and redundancy.

damn frozen cpu is confusing, lots of stuff are just addons but the pic shows the whole setup. just want a simple res+pump combo.

wana make my own res, are brass fittings ok?

You mean the sub catagory that says "Pump/reservoir combo"?



WTF man... Cooling the mobo's VRM is just as important as the CPU! If you don't know what you are writing about, don't write about it.

Most fittings are brass, generally plated, but not always.

Spending $100+ on a FC motherboard waterblock is pointless. Invest in a better mobo upfront that has sinks capable of whatever OC you want to throw at it; i.e., most motherboards that aren't complete shit.

I wasn't saying that you should just get a bare VRM, without even passive cooling, I was saying that cooling it via a waterblock is pointless.

Do all blocks take all types of fittings? Is there such thing as a 1/2ID block? I DON'T UNDERSTAND FITTINGS! How do they attach? How many fittings do I need for three blocks, one rad, one res, and one pump?

Will one 360mm rad be enough to cool a RIVBE, 290X, and 4930KKK?

^ This guy.

Not a triple rad...