Watercooling a GTX 770?

Hi, i have a GTX 770 and was wanting to invest in water cooling in addition to my existing water cooling for my i5-3330.

I have heard the Kraken brackets and their coolers work well but not sure what is truly compatible with my hardware.

I have a Fractal Design White R4 and a MSI 2GB OC Graphics Card. Is it possible to watercool in my situatiuon? if so some recommendations would be great :D


Thanks, Danny

htps://www.youtube.com/mrdantheman2050 (Dans Tech)

If all you care about is 1080p gaming go for it. Wouldn't invest otherwise. also, you can get a 2nd for cheap for SLI which would be great is you do FPS gaming and need the 140 frame refresh 

Hi, Thanks for the info :D

However that didn't really answer my question about watercooling...

karken G10 is a good sulation for the GPU, but imo you need heatsinks with thermal paste for your VRAM.

if you going water best to purchase a water block with a all in one loop system.



why not just stay white with 50c under temps for cheap?