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Watercooled chiller?


I’ve seen peltiers on eBay for couple $. The problem I’ve seen with water cooling peltiers is heat dissipation and accumulation of fluids under block. Made me wonder… if one were to run a normal loop internally… then build a peltier box externally. One could run a parallel loop through both. I’d imagine you could run a self contained loopnfor heat on each block off the external loop to keep the temps separate. I wonder two things… is it worth it? And would the sub ambient temps STILL cause fluids to form around the internal blocks?


Peltiers are never worth the effort, adding water loops only overcomplicates things and adds cost.

By fluid i think you’re referring to condensation which will happen on any cooler capable of running at or below dew point.

If you want to run sub ambient temps you’ll need to treat the setup the same as phase change or ln2 and insulate the bejezus out of your board.


So building an external loop would be irrelevant as fluid build up would still occur, which is obviously the entire reason of building a separate external loop… ugh… I already do water cooling and have enough supplies to do an experiment… but I was afraid of that…


What is the goal of this project?


The goal would be to reduce the temperature without damaging anything


Are you planning to utilize this reduced temperature for overclocking? If you are doing this purely for lower temps it is a waste.

What is your goal?


Overclock yes… and also for pure enjoyment and recreation. I also had another idea… to use a mineral oil build… Never done one before, in this case… Hmm


that is a whole other level of hassle, watch Linus’s stuff on it.


But I mean using a chiller with it.


As soon as you go colder than ambient temperature you going to get condensation. Potentially killing your system and at the very least a soggy rotting mess inside your system over time.


As others have stated, sub-ambient will always mean condensation formation. It sounds like a fun project. Just be aware that, at best, you are going to have a bunch of clay to clean off of the mobo, or whatever else you are using. At worst, the condensation will find its way to the components resulting in corrosion and possible component failure. I would certainly not do this to anything that you cannot afford to replace.


That’s pretty vague, are you going for a massive overclock or are you gonna run this thing balls to wall 24/7?

If it’s just for fun fuck it have at it just know what you’re getting into


What do you think about a chiller running with a loop to submerged?


Can we get an MS paint diagram to visualize this?


Basically mineral oil build fully submerged. External loop for chilling? I don’t think I’ve seen that done before


I’m still not fully understanding


He’s talking about this. (What LTT Did)

Basically the mineral oil can only absorb so much heat so it needs to be run through an external rad or you’ll eventually get overheating


I was thinking differently TM.

A fully submerged system but with a sub ambiant block on the CPU still so the oil does the passive cooling and stops the formation of condensation on the block. Best of both worlds? Still sounds like a lot of work but as a fun project might be well fun.


Just get a window unit AC and tape your rad to it.

GG no re


Could work. I wonder how that would effect the oil.

Hmm interesting idea haha