Water pump?

For this pump is there any good Covers/ Pump tops to it? http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2128/ex-pmp-27/Swiftech_MCP655-B_12v_Water_Pump_w_38_Conversion_Kit_317_GPH.html

Any help?

Yes, there are. Bitspower makes some great D5 pump mod kits, such as this one. They come in several different finishes/materials, including a "brushed" acrylic one. You may consider just switching the pump over to a Swiftech MCP35X for more flow, and generally better looks.

But you reccomended me this pump....

Unless your building a pretty damn big loop you dont really need a D5 style pump, id go for a DDC model, and if the MCP35x is to much go for an MPC 350, still quiet, and will still handel a pretty beefy loop.

Well i plan on a two radiator (Big ones dont remember the sizes) and a cpu, Also gpu cooling.

A single 655 or MCP35X will be more than enough for even a triple rad, multi-GPU system. Yes, I recommended the 655, but the 35X is better. I prefer the looks of a 655 with a mod-top, though the 35X is a bit more powerful. Still, both are more than enough.