Water Problems in FarCry 1

Hey, I was just wondering why I can't get this kind of shader support for FarCry 1.

Isnt that Half-Life or something on the Source engine? If it is its because they're two different engines.

I've seen youtube videos of FarCry, and the water looks just like that. When I play FarCry I have everything set like this:

AF Set to 4 (Trilinear)
Everything set to very high, except for water, which is set to ultra high.

Here is a screenshot:

He means he wants his water looking like this.

THERE you go!!!! That's what I'm talking about!!! LOL

do you have an nvidia card? try downloading a patch or something, far cry 1 was very biased to ATi cards.

Its an older game, and it runs on DX9.

Its was also to showcase the capabilities of the GeForce 3...

How would a 7600 GT do? I've got a puny monitor, running at 1024x768.

You can't, the game is just to old and they never made the water to look like that in the game...

Far Cry 1? Realy?

You could try the 64bit patch for Far Cry. It includes numerous improvements, including water. (Of course you need a 64bit CPU)

EDIT: I tried this and it wouldn't save any settings for me. So I doubt this will help you.

I was playing mine earlier to see and it looked like BS1's picture. I suggest downloading the latest patch because yours is obviously out of date (it might fix that missing mountain too)

Does having a GMA 3100 afrfect any of this?


Ok, I'm reinstalling FarCry, and I wil check back if I get any spectacular results.

Edit #2

FarCry with AF on Trilinear 4, No AA, all settings very high, water is ultra high. Patch 1.

BS1, what are your system specs, and what settings are you using?

yes GMA 3100 might be a bit of a problem. Intel's GPU's are crap. try lowering the water settings, it might help.

try the 1.40 patch


That was just a picture I got online. Although my computer plays the computer just like that. If I knew where screenshots went I could show you what mine looks like.

Guess what guys???

I got patch 1.2.



i should replay that game someday, it was pretty fun. and the graphics aged well.

Now if only I could get it to look like the picture BS1 posted.
Maybe if I buy a 7600 GT, and play it at 1680x1050, it will look awesome.

Can somebody explain to me what HDR does?