Water cooling

I would like to know what people recommend for a custom water cooling set up. If I were to do this I'd be cooling my Core i7 940, that's it. I don't really know what's necessary for water cooling, and I don't really know how to set one up. So any hints, suggestions, or even a walkthrough would be great!

I hear alot of the systems out there eventually leak, so now theyre using gel instead of water so it doesnt leak as much. Just don't buy a cheap system or else youll end up with an aquarium.

Thanks for the advice. What parts are necessary? Also, what size tubes should I use?

Radiator + fans
Tubes (1/2" or 3/8" for best performance)
Waterblocks (CPU, MB, GPU)
Liquid stuff

Yeah, that's it for a basic setup. Which case are you planning to watercool?

Cooler Master storm sniper. From what I hear the top 200MM fan can be removed and a 2x120 radiator can be put up there.

"Top: 200x30mm Blue LED Fan x 1 (500 - 1000rpm, 17 - 23 dBA)
(can be swapped for two 120mm fans or 120x240mm Radiator)"

There you got it ;)
Directly from thier website. A 240 radiator can easily overclock your i7 to 4GHz and beyond :)
You can also add another 120 rad at the back of the case. And then turn the topfans to gain positive airflow, to maximize the flow through the rads.
Big case! Play with it :)

Thanks man, you've been an indispensable resource. I probably won't be doing this until after I get a GTX300 series GPU. I still have no idea how to put all this together, but I'm sure Google will yield good results.

Okay, I'm back to this now, I'm seriously thinking about making a liquid cooling setup my next upgrade. Probably in the next 2 months or so. I have no idea how to make a loop, and I don't know what fittings to get. I'd like to get this, http://www.frozencpu.com/products/2153/ex-rad-32/Black_Ice_Xtreme_II_Dual_120mm_Radiator_Blue_w_Customizable_Fittings.html#blank
but I don't know what 1/2'' interior diameter barbs would work with it. Another question I have is, what order do I put the parts in the loop. Like does it go, CPU, Radiator, Pump, reservoir? I have no idea, thanks for any input!


Thanks, though that only addresses one of my questions. Still, that does clear up a lot!

Are you jokng around or were you serious about the loop?

Does that look like im joking? Joking would be like.

Also, take a look at these parts

Thermochill PA120.3
Apogee XT
get 1/2 ID 3/4OD tubing
use G1/4 threads for everything, and use G3/8 for the Rad

7/16" tubing would be better (since it would provide a snugger connection to 1/2" barbs). Â Other viable options for radiators are XSPC RX series or the Swiftech QP series. Â If you go with a XSPC or Swiftech radiator then get G1/4 barbs that are 1/2" ID. Â For pumps look at the MCP 355 or 655. Â Good cpu blocks are the Enzotech Sapphire, the Heatkiller 3.0, or the Swiftech Apogee XT. Â A good cheap reservoir is the Swiftech microres. Â For coolant, just use distilled water plus PT Nuke PHN. Â Â Loop order should be as follows: Res>Pump>Radiator>CPU>Res. Â A decent w/c loop should cost anywhere between $250-$350.

I thought it goes res>pump>CPU>rad>res, but I see why rad is after.

At least we learn something new everyday :/

its better to go Pump>Rad>Res>CPU so the water is even colder then it would be

I've decided to go to Xoxide for the system, since the MCP655 is 30 dollars cheaper there. Is this any good for a res?

Thanks for all the input guys, this is coming together nicely.

Another question I have is, how do I bleed a system of airbubbles? Like how do I turn the pump on without turning the system on? This also goes for the leak testing.

I wouldn't use that res. Â Thermaltake is notorious for: 1) making products that leak & 2) using aluminum in their w/c products. Â If you use aluminum in your w/c loop then you will get galvanic corrosion. Â So if you are looking for a good drive bay res then look at the Bitspower or XSPC ones...they should be in the same price range as that Thermaltake res.

Okay, I guess I'll buy it from Frozen CPU then, since they selection is godlike. But can you give me a walkthrough on how to leaktest and bleed the loop?

In order to bleed a system of airbubbles all you do is run the system with the cap off the reservoir for maybe 30 minutes. Â To turn the pump on without turning on the rest of the system in order to leak test &/or bleed the system you will need to jump your PSU while the pump is connected to it.