Other parts are out of stock so this sounds good to me. 



Starting off with only the gpu on this one. Radiotor will most likely sit outside of my HAF 922 case.

I'm assuming I need tubing like the one below?


I am still lost on the fittings, as far as I can tell, they are all the same thing but in different colors. I might look into regular brass fittings at home creepo, along with worm clamps. 

If I get a cpu waterblock it will most likely be this onehttp://www.sidewindercomputers.com/swaphdcpuwab.html


I am seriously considering going forward with the first two items and picking the rest up at the local hardware store. Asethetics mean nothing to me. Only price and function. 

If the Seahawks win I am taking this as a sign to buy. I'll figure out the rest later.


I am thinking this http://www.homedepot.com/p/Unbranded-1-2-in-x-10-ft-Copper-Type-L-Soft-Coil-PCLE-375L010/203654407?N=buu2#specifications

will work with this http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/ensishcofifo.html but I cannot find the outside diameter of the copper. Might have to go into the store to find out. Has anyone done anything similar with their water-cooling setups?

Panic buy. Once I get these in, the rest should be somewhat easy to figure out. 

Good luck

Nope; they will most certainly not work together. Those compression fittings are meant to be used with soft tubing, since it physically compresses the tubing for a seal with the OR. For copper tubing, or acrylic, you will have to use push fittings, or hard tubing compression fittings - they are designed quite a bit differently.

Even if the OD was right, it wouldn't work with those fittings.

Do they make self sealing quick disconnects?

Never mind just saw some on linus video

Yeah been looking at those too. I'll see what Home Depot can supply me with after my parts come in. I'll have to thread the pipe myself, gonna stick with the copper. Already got one foot moving to water-cooling, might as well jump the rest of the way in. 

Anyone know if this kit is any good?

Thinking about buying it used.


Its the kit that I have. Well. Had. The block is amazing, the rad is just like any other, but my pump started making horrible noises after just a few months of use.

I might bite on it then. Price seems decent, Will probably have two different loops. I might look around for another pump, A spare shouldn't hurt.

Parts are coming in. Next step is figuring out what else I need, then off to home despot.

Universal GPU blockMisc. PartsPumpRadiator


Next step, a resovoir of some sort, copper tubing, and fittings. Fairly certain I can borrow a tube bending tool from a friend. It is for 1/2" tubing so I'll have to buy fittings accordingly. The quick release ones look promising, anyone have any experience with them?

You dont need a res, you already have one inside your Radiator. Adding a second one will not increase performance, and will only complicate things. Mainly filling your loop as to not dry-run your pump.

So the fact that every one else uses a res bigger then a tallboy has no effect on performance?

Nope, its negligible. Purely for aesthetics.

Does anyone know of any genaric quick disconnects? Koolance is looking like the best bet, but I feel like I haven't found every possible solution yet. The ~15 dollar per pop thing has me cringing a little I'll have to admit. I want something easy to handle, since my radiator will be outside of my case.

If you head to a special plumping/gas store you may come across some good gear - then you'll see that $15 per unit isnt all that bad.

I've only ever used em for when setting up stupid external rad setups (to transmission radiators etc). Not sure if you're thinking of doing anything like that. There is that koolance rear bracket though that is pretty neat, makes it a little more discrete.

I'll definitely look into that. I just gotta ask around to find a plumbing/gas store. I have a feeling you are right about prices, but who knows, maybe luck will go my way for once. 

Looked up the bracket, sounds like a great idea, but I think I am going to stick with my original plan and mount the radiator to the aluminum panel next to my tower. It is a part of my desk, I don't see much issue from doing this. Maybe if I work out a plan I'll just make my own bracket. That might work out better then the side of the desk.