Water Cooling?

Sooo I've always figured id do water cooling but know that I've thought about it i'm not quite sure now. My Question is how much work goes into maintaining your water cooling unit do you have to change the coolant often and is it hard or a hassle? Also what are some badass looking ones preferably going along with red and black 

Well if you have some agent in the fluid to kill micro-organisms there shouldn't be an issue generally from what I can gather. A kill coil is another option which is something like a small coil of silver with has antimicrobial properties.

Changing coolant shouldn't really need to happen very much at all unless you are removing or adding a component or something so the fluid is replaced by default.


You could just top it off it you notice losses from evaporation over lengths of time.


I'm not an expert at all, not even a bit but I have read a bit on it.

In fact we have some great material to study right here: https://teksyndicate.com/forum/cooling/watercooling-faq/151991


Great stuff for answering question you may have. Also check out a channel on youtube called JazTwoCents; he has a beginners 200 dollar custom water loop tutorial that makes it look awful easy and lays out the basics well.

Generally replacing water as long as you do your antimicrobial needs, you can replace the water like every 3-6 months depending on how well is the environment, how long do you keep your PC on per day, temperature it's at.

For example, the cooler the system is, the less micro organisms evolve, while in environment that are hotter will increase the evolution in micro organisms (though this is just stating in extreme forms)

Another thing is making sure everything is nice and tight so that leak issues are at their minimum, but not overly tight because if your over tighten then the next time you'll have a higher chance for leaks and so forth.

Making sure you pick good quality components, for example picking only 1 type of metal.  Multiple metals will increase the chance of corrosion, even if you have kill coils and drops.  I've got a build at work that's all in copper...no aluminum.

Generally, it's more the common sense parts, i know that learning and doing your first liquid cooling is quite overwhelming but after you do your first time, everything you learned will just make sense.  I personally enjoy liquid cooling; but if you're someone that does periodic upgrades such as me, it tends to become a bit of a hassle, but that's just me, others love it.

Just to clarify as long as you dont use aluminum you are fine.


As you can see copper and nickel and brass have pretty much the same index so you can mix and match without worrying.

And you dont need to replace the coolant every 3-6 months.Proper ones last about 1.5 - 2 years.

So my 2 Cents...


Changing youre Liquid is only in Systems with some colored water needed, because the colored water stains youre Stuff inside =)

If you want to change that Liquid then get an extra Outlet .... means Quik Connects ore something like that

Im running my System with non colored water and some Stuff called Innovatec Protect...


And if u ever see some Stuff is swimming in your Reservoir THEN you had to change the Cooland...