Water Cooling

I was thinking about building a water cooled rig, and was curious about the average price, or the price you paid for yours if you have one. Also any suggestions would be appreciated.


well, from what I have seen, the most expensive parts are the waterblocks, especially for graphics cards. proces for components vary greatly, but expect to pay at least $150 for a cpu -only loop, and at least $250 for a gpu and cpu loop.

So most likely between 1000 and 1500 for a good water cooled pc, not to bad. 

Id say a decent CPU loop will run you at least 230$ and a good GPU+CPU loop will run you about 350$ if you want good components.

What brand should I stick with when buying the water cooling pieces?


A cheap but good loop just for your CPU is 200-300 bones, EK and XSPC are great budget part company's.

Its depends on the Parts really, id say find out what you need to cool, if you want total performance, quietness or both, and then start looking into different options and piece together your loop.

Look here at my build. http://pcpowerplay.com.au/forums/showthread.php/240366-Watercool-time

Full loop for two GPU's and the CPU. By the time you do blocks, fittings, radiators etc you are looking at about $800. In Australia it is not much more in price over USA prices due to the fact our dollar is now stronger.

+1 definitley, XSPC has some of the best budget rads and Pump/res and EK has the best value CPU & GPU blocks you can buy.

I was definatley looking into builkding a high end silent pc. 

I will have to look at all these options and pick wisely thanks guys. 

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this and a lot of people argue and insult me for it, but if you want a completely silent computer don't worry about fans for the rad. If you're not doing insane overclocking and running at really high temps it doesn't make a difference in temps...

The only thing about not running fans, is getting a variable pump. Just takes some tweaking to get the best flow, to temp ratio. Personally, I would just get some fans and a fan controller and drop it down super low. Does impove temps alot. EK, XSPC as stated above are the best budget oriented parts. Alphacool is good price/performance usually. Aquacomputer is a bit more pricey, but they have some of the best blocks, rads etc

First of all, EK has by far some of the best quality parts on the market, and they are also absolutely beautiful. You can build just a CPU loop for about $340 shipped, and a CPU+GPU loop for around $530. Honestly, the thing that creeps up on you really quickly is the need for a double thick radiator and a pump sufficient enough to push it through the loop. I like the idea of actually running two seperate loops using the EK acrylic CSQ dual bay res+pump combo, but this is essentially going to more than double the proce of the single loop to about $800. Very expensive.