Water Cooling!

Ok, so I want an awesome looking, cost-effective water cooling system. I want to water cool my CPU and GPU probably and would like the color scheme to be blue. I want to spend about $150-200 for this, so please give me some opinions!!


Good luck, that's not enough money, and if it is, I wouldn't trust it in my system. You're looking about 400 for a decent loop for cpu and gpu. edit: if you do wan't cheap but good parts go EK and XSPC probably use 1/2 ID tubing clear and some monsoon liquid

OK how about for only the CPU?

H80 is a good one, if you want to do it custom you can probably get away with 300 using xspc and ek, and whenever you want just buy a gpu block and add it in!

I think the cheapest you'll be able to go is gonna be at least $250 for a simple CPU water-cooling loop, and thats with an XS-PC kit + coolant and fittings.