Water cooling setup for AMD 8350 and 2x 7950

The case I am using is the Cooler MasterHaf XB and I am debating the following setup:

1- 120x80mm Alphacool Nexxxos radiator

1- 280x80mm Alphacool Nexxxos radiator

2- EK Supremacy universal GPU waterblock

1- EK Supreme LTX AMD CPU Liquid Cooling Block

2- 140mm Cougar Vortex fans in push

1- 120mm Cougar Vortex fan in push

1- EK DCP 4.0 12v water pump 

I am currently running my Processor OC at 4.6 and I am also OC the two 7950s.

My questions:

-How much pump do I need?

-Is this enough radiator for some heafty over clocking?

Thanks in advance guys!


I am no expert but I think the rads will be enough. but for the pump all I know is you always want your res before the pump

Ya forgot to mention the res which will be a XSPC 3.5" bay res. I'm thinking the rads will be I just want to be sure and I really have not a clue with the pump situation.

The pump you have listed looks decent and should suffice and as for the radiators I use 120mm rad space for each major component I am cooling as a rule of thumb so you have plenty of cooling. BTW on my previous build I cooled a 3770k at 4.8Ghz, two heavily overclock GTX 680's and my RAM with a 280mm and 120mm rad and temps were good. Also I'd recommend a full cover water block for the GPU's instead of what you have listed. It will cover/cool the GPU and all its memory. 

Also I forgot to mention that I have the EK Supreme LTX cooling the FX 8350 in my current build and it seems to do pretty well. I'd recommend it

Awesome I appreciate the help guys. I am currently looking to make sure there are full cover blocks for these