Water Cooling Request

I'm looking to get into some aspects of water cooling with a full loop. I however don't want to spend a ton of money on parts while I just mess around with it. I have some older computer parts which would be fine. (IE Slot 3 and 478 socket.) I'm unsure if these parts are out there and I'm willing to bet all water cooling regardless of how old a chip type might be will still cost a fair amount of money. If that's the case I might as well look into doing it on my main rig.


So what is some advice I need to know before I start messing with a full loop? Really anything that could help someone new to this area.


A good quality custom full loop without spending a ton of money wont happen if you buy new. To do this you'll have to buy mostly second hand gear.

Things you'll need:

  • cpu block - you'll have to check with what mounts come with the unit - those old sockets you mention will be a pain. WC blocks back in them days where big ugly blocks of solid copper with solid barbs. Hideous would be putting it nicely.
  • 1x120 rad per wc block as a bare minimum - 2nd hand rads as long as its flushed and have no leaks go for it. A bit of paint off can be fixed with a can of spraypaint.
  • tubing - ghetto budget wise a hardware store is your best bet with clear tubing being very cheap.
  • barb fittings are the cheapest- if your tubing is one size smaller than the barbs, heat the end of the tubing so it fits over and seals uber tight. No need for clamps etc then.
  • Reservoir wise - there are some really cheap options like the swiftech micro res which does the job just fine or you can go diy and make your own. Will depend as well if you want the pump to attach to it as well.
  • Pump - 2nd hand ddc or d5. As long as it doesnt have a hard whine or rattle its good to go.

If you are going to be eventually transferring your wc loop to you main rig you are better off choosing parts that at least will migrate to your case without trouble - ie see what rads will fit, where you'll mount the pump and res. 

I figured as much but thanks for the information you have given. Time to save up some cash then!

Get 20 of these and put it on your cpu using tape, my fav http://hardwarelabs.com/nemesis/nemesis-products/nemesis-gtx/nemesis-560gtx#features

For real though, DangerDen is bankrupt so they have very cheap prices to get their inventory out.