Water cooling loop suggestions

Hello everybody, I am planning on installing a water loop in my case and need some help on deciding what company to go with. I believe I have narrowed my selection down to three different kits to choose from, I just wanted some opinions on my possible choices or a different suggestion altogether. My case is a Phanteks enthoo Luxe CPU is a AMD 8320.

three choices so far




any input would be greatly appreciated

For some reason I heard that XSPC has a bad reputation. I don't know why and I don't want to find the answer myself to be honest. I can tell you right now if you paid that much for the EK and the XSPC kit you would be over paying by a lot. If you were to buy a kit, I would recommend the alphacool out of this choice. 

where have you heard xspc has a bad rep? just curious so i can research for myself. i priced out the individual pieces and all of them come to around the same prices from different vendors? what makes the alphacool better? just price?

I use XSPC for both my CPU and GPU blocks as well as my 560mm rad and have so far (Eight months) had no issues with them. (My specs are in my profile)

My advice to you is to read up on a lot of water cooling guides and not get a kit. Even though the kit is probably easier to just go out and buy. Selecting the individual components as well as researching and comparing them will give you a greater understanding of what to look for overall, allowing you to tailor the build towards your needs.

Water cooling kits are a catch-all that don't really excel anywhere.

XSPC I heard got a bad rep from just agreed hearsay on another forum. I think it was Tom's Hardware... Maybe Hardforum...? I really wish I can bring up the thread where I saw my apologies for bringing a statement without credibility. Anyway I trust Alphacool mostly from Jayztwocents, I hope you are familiar with him. I like EK as well to be honest. I use a mix of Alphacool and Swiftech parts in my loop personally so I may have a built trust along with the price being really well in comparison which is why I perfer Alphacool.

Some of the old xspc stuff was a little shit occasionally. Last few years their stuff has been spot on. EK used to be terrible, like really bad... Now their stuff is some of the best.

You have so many radiator options in that case so I wouldnt limit yourself to a 'kit'. Grab the parts individually and maximize your radiator surface area. That way you can incorporate your gpu/s in the loop as well.

i would not get a kit since it rarely really fits your needs, like the XSPC kit with a bay rez and 2 D5 pumps, unless you are planning for a 4gpu+ram mobo cpu there is no need for it.

In terms of performance all the CPU coolers are pretty close with EK-supremacy heaving a bit of a edge in terms of hydraulic resistance and Temperatures.

Check the case spec and order the thickness of the radiator that will fit the case+FAN. If you are planning on getting a GPU block later down the line a 360(3x120 or 3x140) is good to heave, if not a 240 with the thickness of 4 cm is enough. The EK set has the 64mm rad, and i doubt it can fit the case top with no moddingand add the thickness of the fan to it!

Fans; they need to be Static pressure fans like the Corsair SP series or Noctua NF-F12. Since thez need to push air thrue a radiator.

fittings and tubes: get 12 mm OD tubes from like primochill. and compression fittings 12mm in the color you desire+coolant


if you get a 360 rad on top, i don't know if there is still room for a bay-rez in front.

i advice a pump-rez combo like the ek one since it makes the loop more simple:


keep in mind the mounting

if  you got specific question im sure you get the anwsers  fast, since it all has been done a million times over and over