Water cooling help

I want to make full system water cooling the cpu,hdd,gpu,ram, and am it tech i know some basic computer repair

and water cooling is kinda different but it looks fun.

I got a Corsair Vengeance Series Military Green C70 Mid Tower Computer Case and i only care for good stuff and

noise level to keep it normal and silent.

i want to use the Sentry LXE maybe

http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/79-s ... ntrol.html

Sentry LX maybe

http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/78-s ... ntrol.html

water cooling kits do they support full system water cooling and a fan controller to have silent to normal.

any help can some one make me list of what parts i need or can use i don't care much for brands or looks i only

care for it to work.

Operating System

Windows 8.1 64-bit


Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz 95 °F

Haswell 22nm Technology

16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 899MHz (9-10-9-27)



G236HL (1920x1080@60Hz)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (MSI) 83 °F

931GB Western Digital WDC WD1003FZEX-00MK2A0 (SATA) 87 °F

232GB Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB (SSD) 85 °F

29GB SanDisk Cruzer Glide USB Device (USB (SATA)) 87 °F

Optical Drives



Realtek High Definition Audio

Dont bother watercooling hdds and ram. Its about as useful as 90's pop music.

Head here for ideas as you havent specified any budget.


One can design quite a nice loop in those cases but as with any decent loop it wont be cheap.

Also what model exactly is your gpu? I ask this as there is a load of pcb designs that dont have fullcover waterblock support meaning your only option is that of an ugly universal waterblock. Otherwise there is the AIO cooler + g10 bracket (or equivalent).

As the case once populated with rads and no doubt a few 5.25 bays occupied with a pump/res combo you wont have room for a fancy fan controller. IMHO they're a big waste of money as its simpler to set and forget the fan rpm either via onboard motherboard headers or through low-voltage adapters.

If it were me I'd grab a 25mm thick 120.3 (360mm) rad for the roof with single set of fans. A 60mm thick 120.2 for the front + fans. Pump / tube res combo just in front of psu. + fullcover gpu block (if applicable) + xspc cpu block + fittings & tubing + demin water, move the hdd's/ssd's to a 5.25 bay adapter. Or the ssd's double sided taped to the rear of the motherboard tray.