Water cooling cost?

How much would it cost (estimate) to water cool this:

Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811139001

PC: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Lawkodi/saved/1viv

And how much Watts would it take; I plan on Water cooling the GPU and CPU 

Anyone D:?

Are you worried about the PSU? because 1000w-1200w is usually is usually enough for custom water cooling

and for the cost of custom water cooling, you have to take in consideration of having to buy a waterblock for the CPU and GPU, tubing, a reservoir, a pump, radiators, fans for the radiators, some pt nuke or kill coil,  and screws. (I would not recommend getting coolants, colored tubes and distilled water is what I would recommend)

What would you estimate for all that stuff? 1K? 500? what? please answer

First of all, the 800D, in my opinion, is like watercooling in a coffin; too small, cramped, and not enough options. If you want a mainstream case like that, I would get the 900D. Moving on:

Okay, for the CPU block, I would get a Koolance 380i AMD block ($74.99) - the best block on the market; i.e., the best temps.

For the GPU block, I would get a Heatkiller 79x0 nickel block for A.) looks, and B.) temps.

For the pump, a Swiftech 655 will be more than powerful enough for anything you ever throw at this loop.

For the radiator, all you need is a 360mm for this loop. I would get an Alphacool NexXxos Monsta 360mm, and add on another 360, or even a 480mm later on if you want to add another 7970. If you get the 900D, you can mount a 480mm in the top and bottom, so you could go ahead and get a 480mm Monsta.

As for tubing, you can't go wrong with Primochill Advanced LRT. I would get 3/8" by 5/8" for a single GPU loop, and 1/2" or 7/16" by 5/8" for anything more than a single GPU and CPU. 10 feet should be enough, but if you buy it by the foot (you can), I would get 15 feet, or so, in case you mess up.

Fittings are the most, cumulatively, expensive parts. For a single rad, a single pump, and 2x blocks, that is 8 fittings. Generally, I go with Bitspower - they are the best, but also expensive. You will need 8x 3/8" ID 5/8" OD fittings with a G1/4" thread no matter what. I would personally get these, but EK makes some cheaper ones.

Lastly, you will need fans. The radiator uses 120mm fans (the most common for rads), so some nice Scythe Gentle Typhoons, or the cheaper Cougar Vortex fans will do. You only need 3 (or 4 if you get a 480mm rad) fans for pull, but you might want 6 (or 8 for a 480mm) for push-pull, the best cooling solution. Still, with a Monsta rad, pull will be enough.

Overall, for good parts, you're looking at $450-500, but you could get a weaker pump, cheaper fittings, cheaper blocks, and a cheaper rad and drop it to $300-350, if you tried. I would be a bit scared using the cheapest parts in my personal rig, but if you need to go cheaper, you have to go cheaper.

EDIT: forgot about the reservoir! That is going to add another 2 to 3 fittings to the loop. I would get a 150mL or 250mL Bitspower Z Multi Ultra res; they are really nice looking, well built, and pretty cheap.

 DOUBLE EDIT: Also, that PSU is massive, massive, massive, massive overkill for even a custom cooled 7970 CF rig. I would get a 760W Seasonic Platinum instead of the 1000W; it saves money, and is still going to be a few hundred more watts than you use.

Well here are some estimated prices:

Radiators: $50-$100 (Depending on radiator size)

Cpu Block: $50-70

GPU Block: $100-$150

Reservoir: $30-$50 (if you want a nice looking one it'll be about $80-$90)

Pump: $100-$150

I would guess with a good full water cooling would be anywhere around $300-$700

Never mind my prices, Brenn has it all covered.

Id say aropund 500$ 

Personally id go for something like an XSPC D5 EX 360 kit,maybe buy another rad and some fittings, then then buy the XSPC Razor 7970 GPU block and viola, a bleeding edge watercooling system, which also has LED lighting all across so itll looks fkn amazing, Brennans is a nice system, but is a bit expensive for what you get.

Okay, Thanks brennan and beyond, Also thanks skele i'll look into it! i will do the 900D probably

It's a great case! For inspiration, I would check out this build log.

Around $600, the GPU and CPU blocks together with the fittings make the thing expensive.

I'm sorry to say, but you can not cool the GPU. You see the majority off gpu blocks are designed of the reference base design. Unfortunatly the Gigabyte one you have listed is not a reference base.

You may (but I doubt) be able to find a block for it, but it will be way more expensive than normal.

I would not advice using just a GPU block (only contacts the GPU, not the RAM or the VREGS) as the 7970 does require cooling on those components.

Watercooling is something you need to consider from the beginning of a build, as there will be limitations to hardware you can use, due to the limitations of the waterblocks avaliable.


(shhhh keep this quiet, but this website will tell you if a card is reference base or not http://www.coolingconfigurator.com/)

Forgot to mention, if you want to see a rundown of some of the more popular WC components, check out Martins Liquid Lab, extremely thorough and well done reviews.

I would have to disagree with the GPU only block. If you can't find a full cover block you can use the GPU only block. The Ram will not have a high enough TDP to warrant active cooling and most cards have a seperate Vreg cooler which can be left on after removing the heatsink. Which in the case of the Gigabyte7970Ghz ed 3GB card the Vreg cooler is attached to the card not the cooler. As long as you have a good airflow in the case the Vreg and RAM will be adaquately cooled.

If it wouldnt work with that card can someone link me a good 7970 that WOULD easily work!?


It is reference design, so the Heatkiller block would work.

Okay thx I am going to save up for this and when i get to building ill post the process on here, Linus's Forum and maybe one other