Water cooling a case

I am going to be water cooling this case when I get some more money. Any advice on how I should do my loop, I have a basic idea how am going to do it but I`m not sure yet.

This water cooling includes a 960t x4 BE and a xfx 6870 single fan edition.http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150561




It really doesn't matter in what order you go in as long as the resivior is above the pump. One thing to try to do is not cross the tubes just because it looks beter when they're not crossed :P

What water cooling kit are you going to be getting?

I'm assuming you're going to be using a 240mm radiator in the top. If that's the case, then put the pump in the bottom of the case with the reservoir mounted above it. Connect the pump to the graphiics card, take the tubing from the graphics card to the CPU, and then attach the tube from the CPU to the radiator, and connect it back into the reservoir which will then lead into the pump.

The Cooler Master Storm Stryker/Storm Trooper has supports for up to 4 radiators, a 240mm on the bottum, a 240mm/280mm on the front, a 240mm/280mm on the top and a 120mm/140mm push-pull on the rear.

I recommend that case. 

The Switch 810 is notorious for it's watercooling options.

Uh...pretty sure he already has the case...

Yuk, is that a scout case i see. Watercooling that = epic fail. Honestly mate, even with a lot of dremel work and removal of the insides of that case, its still goiing to be very limited to what you can do. There is little to no room above the motherboard, terrible intake airflow and way too many 5.25 bays.

Imho spending money on watercooling such old parts (especially the outlay for a 6870 block) is a waste. Overclock if you can your cpu (with a cheap air cooler) , sell the 6870 and grab something a little newer.