Water cooler making rattling noise

My CoolerMaster Seidon 120M has started making a weird rattling noise. I did a bit of googling and it seems like i have an air bubble in my loop. Any body with experience? 

Tilt your case back and forward, side to side. Upside down even. Its just a bubble of air thats stuck.

If the impeller has been knocked off balance from it, its an easy fix with a magnet placed on the center front of the pump to re-align it.

I have been tilting it from side to side and i even picked it up and rotated it. But it didn't do anything. I repeated it a few times over the last hour. Does it usually take a long time? 

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Been tilting it, flicking the tube and doing everything for about 4 hours.. Should i try taking it out and giving it a light little shake?  

If its a pre-assembled unit, their shouldn't be any air bublles in it. Rattelling usually means that the pump is on its way out.

I've had the unit for about 3-4 weeks.. 

RMA the unit then.

I generally suggest that you RMA it as well if you've already tried to get the air bubble to move out of the pump.