Watch_Dogs Loading to Black Screen

Specs: Maximus V Formula Motherboard

ASUS GeForce GTX 780 DirectCU II OC GPU

Intel Core i7-3770K CPU

16GB (4x4GB) Corsair DDR3 Vengeance RAM

Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition CPU Cooler


When I start Watch Dogs on Steam, it starts up Uplay and it won't even sync my save files and it eventually deleted my save files, but when I start the game, and it'll go to the main menu.  Then I click "New game" and the game does the loading animation and then the screen goes to black, and it just stays there.  It doesn't have anything on the screen


I wont be able to respond to this post until 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time due to Marching Band practice (I might be able to check on my phone during breaks, but I couldn't respond due to the short length of our breaks), but please don't wait until then to post an answer.  I would like to have a lot of answers whenever I get back home. 


Thank you for your help,


Has it always done this? If so, best bet is a re-install. If you have played around with any of the mods around chances are that is what has borked your game.

I have already deleted and re-downloaded and reinstalled it after I had the sane problems and it just gets repetitive and annoying 

Im on the most up-to-date drivers

I have installed no mods either 

Sound odd but try > find the Watch Dogs .exe file in your installation folder, right-click it, select properties Properties > Compatibility > Windows Vista SP1. Also be sure to grab the latest directX11 files.

Just out of interest this is the only game that is occurs in yeah? Plus I assume if you have anything overclocked etc that its set back to default.

Okay, I'll try that

This is the only game this happens to.  But I do have a similar problem with GTA IV, when I start to play it, I can play it for like 20 minutes and then it just crashes

That link that you sent me was just a presentation... >>> is a page off that page

Did you buy Watch Dogs after the BS they did was revealed OP?  If so you get what you deserve.

I got it before everything was revealed. I just haven't gotten the chance to play it until now

I found out what it was
It was an unstable CPU overclock