Watch dogs crossfire worse then 1 GPU

I have 2 r9 290's but in watch dogs if I crossfire my frames drop really bad but if I use only 1 gpu  they don't,  this is the first game I've experienced this with, are some games just crappy for xfire? 

amd fx 8320 @ 4.4ghz

8gb ram

asus sabertooth 990fx

power color pcs+ r9 290x2

1tb sshd

in game settings are on high 

Xfire - very hit and miss in terms of games that scale well. Should be sorted out in upcoming driver releases.... we hope.


edit# just thought Id SLI is no better.

Same thing happened with me in the AC games. Ubisoft makes shitty PC ports.

well that's a bummer

This was a very common problem when I ran crossfire. IIRC you can mess around with the crossfire profile in the CCC. I would say ~7/10 times I could get better performance by messing with the crossfire profile and setting it to AFR mode. You could also try messing with the game settings in Radeon Pro if that's still a thing.

These issues are why I left crossfire though. Sometimes there just wasn't anything that I could do to fix the problem.