Wasteland 2

Being the big fan of fallout that I am as soon as I saw this on steam I took the plunge

It has a tonne of issues for the developers to fix before I could honestly recommend it to anyone on this forum but I just thought I would share my early opinion.

Even as a pre-release alpha its still quite fun,  buggy as hell but that aint stopping me

Save and save often and you can get through most things

thinking of getting it but i don't really wanna drop 60 on a game that isn't %100 playable?

My advice


It's cool being involved in the process and seeing new things implemented as they go along but it isnt worth it if you are just looking for a decent game to play... there are just too many game breaking bugs at the moment.

yeah that's what i thought, keen to see it finished because i can see myself sinking a lot of hours into it.