Wasteland 2, I think it's quite good so far. You?

So Wasteland 2 is finally out, no doubt highly anticipated by many. I was more of the idea that it was a game I would love to be a good spiritual successor to Fallout 2, but I did not dare to invest emotinally on that promise. Hype means nothing to me anymore, and high hopes seem meant to be stomped on in this business. Perhaps this mindset is also coloring my first impression after some seven-eight hours of playing, but at the moment it's pretty much what I could ask for.

The atmosphere is perhaps not quite as colorful as the original Fallout series, but then again it's not the exact same universe after all. And the game engine, interface, sound and graphics are all quite polished for a relatively low budget game these days. Just maybe there could have been more voice acting, but the goal for this game was very much making a game that would not limit the dialog in any way by being dependent on that. Once you get into the game and get used to reading/skimming through a lot of text again like in the 'good old days', it's just fine.

I'm enjoying what I see as the most Fallout'esque game since Fallout 2. I'll see if the feeling holds, but I'm happy as bug in a rug so far. Now I don't see myself ever even consider to go back and play Fallout 1/2 again, simply because this is close enough and already a more polished experience.

Buying the game on GoG gives you a DRM free version and the license to play on both Windows, Linux, and Mac.

PS. I miss the perks system when creating a character. It's a small thing but it added some flavor. Hopefully there should be a lot of mods for the game down the road.

Im loving the game so far, it feels a lot like a more modern Fallout 1 or 2, and just captures the feel of a game from that time more than the newer Fallouts could ever hope to. More voice acting would be nice, but theres just so much flavor in the text that would be harder to convey with voice, I think.

its okay

so far all my team are level 29, i too miss the perks level buffs as so far I don't feel all that powerful

Keep getting my arse handed to me in a regular basis by mechs, synths and other nasties :(

Also, 'Power' armour doesn't feel at all powerful

I've put the game on pause for a bit after encountering a problem after the first update. After it I could not enter a certain area without the game crashing every time, and rolling back to the old version of the game I could not enter another area. I'll leave it be until the next patch possibly.