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Best LAN party game back in the day, Age of Mythology

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In my opinion the best LAN games are:
Half-Life death match

I would say the best LAN game is Serious Sam!

I've played everything in LAN parties from FPS to RPGs but the games that my buddies and I had the most fun were Age of Empires II and Command & Conquer: Generals. Just ALOT of fun with those


but I kinda not agree on Pistol that CS 1.6 is the most balanced opinion even with the one shotting awp. Everyone was rushing AK 47s or M4A1s pre GO Times and that every other gun sucked from what i seen. The CS GO is kinda revolutionary imho that they made every gun more viable at the startish of GO that you can have the Clarion/Famas and still do fine but still have their elements from other variations from previous versions. I am Gold Nova Master but I quit like a month a go due to too many trolls and idiots.

I am going old school. Best I had in the past in a LAN.

Unreal tournament
Age of Empires 2 (4vs4 matches)
StarCraft Brood Wars
and Diablo 2

SO many hours and so much fun I had with these

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BF1942, Unreal GOTY, CS 1.5, and quake 3 arena were my fav lan games.

There's no way in HELL TF2 is balanced! Who the hell says that? Maybe in the beginning, not anymore. As far as I'm concerned, get rid of the demoknights (Charging targe) and it would fix a lot.

Best LAN party games? Here we go,

Dawn of War 1 and 2
Age of Empires
Supreme Commander (nukes for days)
Warcraft 3 + custom games (Trolls and Elves was the shit)
Counter Strike
Arma 3
Fistful of Frags
Starwars Battlefront
Call of Duty (the old ones, specifically 2)
Rise of the Triad
Trine 1 and 2
Divinity Original Sin (Mod for 4 people)
7 Days to Die (amazing)
Borderlands (great coop)
Hammerwatch (8bit madness)

I don't have a specific favorite but the ones we put the most hours into were; Arma, 7 Days, CoD, Dawn of War.

My favorite lan games

1. Any Counter Strike.
2. Quake 3.

1. Supreme Commander FAF (for the hardcore RTS players).
2. Command & Conuquer Generals, RA2, Tiberium Wars 3.
2. W40K Down of War dark crusade

COOP fun
1. Left4Dead 2
2. Portal 2

Quick Comment on the Balanced Shooter topic.

Good time to have a discussion on the difference between perfect balance and perfect, imbalance.

What Cain was describing is actually perfect Imbalance rather than perfect balance.

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All of those titles are pretty much drm free

Quake 1-2-3
Doom / Brutal Doom [Co-OP / FFA / Survival] (Doom 3 survival mod was a lot of fun back in the day)
Shadow Warrior 2 (if released by the time)
Wolf ET (old but good, + free)
Project Reality BF2

Commandos 2-3
Mount&Blade Warband
SW Empire At War
Word in Conflict
Divinity Original Sin 1 or 2 (2nd is not released yet)
League of Legends
The Battle for Middle Earth

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I have to say the best LAN games for me are:
Halo Demo (The hours I poured into this)
Halo Combat Evolved
Any of the Borderlands games (Max 4 players but a ton of fun)
@Ethereal I agree with Divinity, awesome RPG.

Really looking forward to the LAN but not 100% sure I can join due to other events around that time period.

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Ut2003 will forever be my favorite competitive LAN FPS. I probably have thousands of hours of my early teenage years logged on Asbestos and Antelus with lowgrav + instagib.

I'd say a close second would have to be Hidden: Source, even in its unpatched state..The paranoia you put in everyone around you is palpable. Suicide Survival (another source mod)..while not balanced, is incredibly fun for short periods and is sure to bring good times at any LAN.

Battllefield Bad Company 2.

Why? It's incredibly fun, not terribly expensive, no frills, no BS like in other common LAN games. It requires much more than just being accurate, depending on the game mode you play. Squad Deathmatch requires teamwork, and Rush requires teamwork and tactics to win.

Would it be possible to play the Quake Alpha at the LAN party? I've tried a bit of it and it seems quite fun.

Or what about a private DayZ standalone game?

Wendell since barnacules is coming to the lan, would you teach him why GNU/Linux is not for poor people.

Playing GoldenEye Source was the most fun I have ever had at a LAN party. Any source engine game is really a blast for LAN parties in my opinion.

I had a lot of fun with LAN shenanigans playing Planetside 2 when it first came out. Viscera Cleanup Detail was fun too.

Maybe a Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator event?

Babo violent 2 also was a positive surprise for me :D

a bit of topic but did i hear you say you guys where going to china ??
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