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27" 1440p Dell G-Sync Monitor $270 off in Weekend Deals

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Shadow complex for PC is free right now

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[Logan] Made a nice wallpaper

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Progressive Progress where Gurl Gamerz are Concerned

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Humanity will always give attention to sex. That...

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Samsung S6 Edge stuck on boot screen saying "Recovery is not seandroid enforcing"

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Flash TWRP or CM12 with Odin and a pc

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Progressive Progress where Gurl Gamerz are Concerned

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A good quality blog. You hit the nail on the head...

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Progressive Progress where Gurl Gamerz are Concerned

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I'm happy to see that the Tek Syndicate crew can...

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Progressive Progress where Gurl Gamerz are Concerned

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Very well said, people who just watch girls for...

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chris beer scammer ctaber2011 gmail.com

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Not illegal.

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One game that is the most stressful and drives mentally insane, is


Any of them. some of the positions they put you in hurt's my brain and my heart.

Most stressful game? Fist Full of Frags. My desk now has large bite marks on it and I've had to invent new swear words to protect the load bearing wall next to me from suffering any more damage. That game's stolen all of my tears and most of my sanity. It was worth it though.

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  1. Unreal Tournament instagib - This game is so fast and so shocking I can only ever play a couple of matches in a row
  2. Speedrunners - The dreaded grapple hook never fails to induce shouting

I find Banished pretty stressful, you can't relax in that game. Everything can be going perfect, you go to make a coffee & come back to chaos with half your town dead from starvation.

The most stressful game? That's a hard question to answer

Probably Bioshock when I first stepped into rapture, that shit was freaking me out

I would very much like a fuck it key.

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FNAF 4, now I know what you're thinking, "Oh some 12 year old kid on the forum" No no, for what ever reason, even though you know how to play, even though you know the jump scares are coming, and even though they don't scare you, I wanted to vomit due to how stressful that god damn game is and specifically FNAF 4, none of the other fnaf games did that to me. You can watch that game and not feel stress, but until you sit down and actually try to beat it, you will not know what it takes from you. You will want to get up and say why am I playing this overly hyped game anyway as justification to not have to play it again.

Sid Meier's Civilization V.

It has such a steep learning curve, on many fronts, and trying to play that game multiplayer, even with an imposed timer, is pulling teeth. Turns can take a really long time, especially in the late game, and it doesn't matter if you're playing with seasoned veterans or not.

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Fistful of Frags

Hello Tek Syndicate,

I am a junior Digital Media major focusing in Game Design, 3D Modeling/Animating. I am mainly using Autodesk Maya and the Adobe Suite.
Recently just made this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfppf3CF-IU

I am in the middle of redoing my portfolio and website to showcase my work, and will be pretty occupied until mid-late January. But if you still need 3D artists then, I can send you my portfolio/website at that time, and would love to help out if wanted.

Just wanted to put myself out there to you guys. Love the videos.

Best regards,

Austin Labarbera

Monster Hunter

To win is more about knowing the monster and timing, than having good equipment. Knowing the monster means getting beat up a few (or more) times. It has a challenge that I like, although frustrating a lot of the time, when you defeat the monster it feels rewarding. (Talking about boss monsters).

best LAN game ever ==> GIANTS: CITIZEN KABUTO

youre welcome

When do we get to see the CTRL + ALT + FUCK t-shirt design?

I want to change my Z key cap to FUCK, that would be pretty funny for undoing fuckups.

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Counter Strike Global Offensive. People need an iq test to play Competitive. I would like to replace my Delete key with Fuck on it.

Might be better to actually be FuckUp for "Z"

How is this only WASD 13 when there is a thread for WASD 16 from before this?


Keep talking and nobody explodes! is pretty damn stressful...


League of Legends - 78/22
SuperCrateBox - 40/60
Most other games - 1/99

My most stressful game right now, Bloodborne. Depth 5 Great Isz root chalice dungeon on NG+ (although I don't think that matters), with fetid, rotted, and cursed offerings, which makes the dungeon harder and your HP is cut in half! Even at lvl 163 I'm getting my ass handed to me by those bosses. Gah, I hurts so good!

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