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We're going to have a quick look at the Wasabi Mango UHD400 and see how it stacks up for both productivity and gaming.

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My bank account is about start crying again... I'll have to watch the review to see if it fits my needs.

I messed up the aspect on this somehow, reuploading
we also have a review of the 32" crossover which is still my favorite because of the high quality panel


I'll have to rewatch the crossover review. Really want a 40" though.
Edit: That perfect 1080p scaling is nice.

I am loving mine. I ended up giving my wife my 1440p 144hz asus at took back my 24 inch for FPS gaming. I use the UHD for games like Rocket league, IL2, and any other games that don't relay on twitch reflexes.

Mounted the UHD to the wall and picked up a cheap gas mount for the 144hz Asus.

What is the color accuracy and black levels like?

Also, is it true 10 bit or is it 8 bit plus frc?

8 bit + frc, but you have to keep in mind these PVA pixels have sub pixels and so usually the frc uses the sub pixels as opposed to just flickering.

Blacks are deep, deeper than IPS, but I dont (yet) have the color accuracy stuff.

I'm reminded of wanting to invest in the leobodnar device and a color calibration thingie. hmmmmmmm :)

In general PVA is acceptable for photoediting but not as good as IPS.

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Any reason why I should choose this over the A409u? Or what about the Crossfire?

I don't see myself needing anything beyond 60 Hz or decent performance for some casual gaming

I think this is a better panel than the A409u. Not WAY better but better.

I really want one of these panels, Currently have a 25" LG Ultrawide and 28" ASUS 4K but the scaling on the 4K is really bad. Not sure where I'd put it, possibly mounted to the wall so I have all three monitors, maybe even 4 with my 1080p Samsung mounted vertically.

I can't find the frame rate option mentioned in the video?

One thing that was not mentioned in the video is the Picture in a picture. I have found it very useful when working an anther system and don't want to set it up on anther monitor somewhere else.

Being able to have a 20 inch 1080p PIP that you are doing an install on with a webpage right next to it on the same monitor is amazing.

Dudes, will you please use the correct term Ultra-HD when talking about a UHD monitor at 3840×2160 monitor, and use 4K only for monitors capable of 4096 width.
I know that "4K" is used as a marketing term for selling TV's but you are not TV salesmen. The cinema standard is 4096×2160 and not quite 16:9.

In a previous job, I programmed video editing software for professionals (TV stations, production houses etc) and in that world you used the correct term or GTFO.
There are real 4K screens out there - that are real in more than name. They are usually very costly and also capable of a bigger colour space than TVs and most computer monitors.
Funny enough, Apple has such a screen in an iMac.

I did the review on the pretty inexpensive microboard 4k with 4096x2160 and pointed out explicitly it was that res because it's pretty unusual in the pc display space.

I'll try to be more pedantic in the future


Same here. Got the UHD 400, upgraded the firmware to Real4K0405VS and no frame-rate option!

can you link me to the fw you used? I can try it here lol. Was that necessary for freesync? I've always had to fiddle with freesync to get it working reasonably -- was delighted this one worked out of the box.

This is really tempting.
Just had my 30" Dell 3008wfp Ultrasharp fail on me. I can probably fix it, but real tempted to just go bigger.

Ay. Freesync worked out of the box!

The firmware site is http://www.wasabimango.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=down
UHD400 is number 28.
And the directly to UHD400 http://www.wasabimango.co.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=down&wr_id=37

And finally, My UHD400 seems VERY sensitive. I get these periods where the display just flickers on all ports HDMI, DP, and even on just the OSD. This occurs when I wipe the monitor, attach new cables, or just get handsy with it... Very strange. I finally mounted the monitor on the wall just to get if off my desk and off my reach. When this occurs, I can usually get rid of the flickering by just unplugging and plugging back the power cord (multiple times).
Similar to the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBd2qIUao3s

The seller offered to ship a new board but I haven't followed through. I have opened it to see the guts; but didn't feel like putting in the work to analyze it more.

On another note, I really want to see HDR working on this monitor. That would be a very nice icing on this monitor.

Bought one. Lucky with no dead pixels. But It cost an arm and a leg with the taxes in EU.
But since I'm working with 3d rendering a lot, feel that colorwise this isn't as good as I need, even with calibration (using Colormunki Display and some hints from the forum). Especially comparing to my old Dell U2713HM.
Now deciding if I should rather find a buyer for it and get an ips 34inch 3440x1440 ultrawide instead :|

I did an initial impression/mini review for this awhile back. https://forum.level1techs.com/t/wasabi-mango-uhd400-40-4k-va/97442/139

Some things to note that is not in the video:
The panel is most likely a 100% sRGB TV panel
Calibration is shit out of the box
Metal frame gets hot when running
Popping noise when turning on from off status, unless something is plugged in the audio jack
Panel is semi-glossy
It's flicker free if you have it at 100% brightness
Response time is around ~30ms

I have also started to get issues relating to distortions even on the monitor's system level i.e. their menu is affected. I think the AD board is a bit dodgy (unreliable), only have been using it for 3 months with roughly ~5-8 hours a day of screen on time.

I brought it from accessorieswhole 3 months ago and I have contacted them for a replacement AD board. I trust they will give me a replacement AD board seeing how my previous interaction with them have been good.