Wasabi Mango Half Dead UHD 430 IPS Panel : Help

Hi Folks! I've been rocking this WM UHD 430 for the last 6 months, love it, great kit. Purchased due in no small part to Wendell's Monitor of the Month club obsession. 4k or bust I'm not turning back - BUT - mine did this yesterday :

As you can see, this isn't fully dead but an awesome black to clear gradient mask . . . what? Actually, I did a screen shot and it captured the entire monitor so I know the signal is good. My question are:

  1. Anyone see this before ?
  2. Bad Panel ? Bad Controller ? Bad ? (would a flash of the controller board help ?

Any thoughts appreciated. Overall this has been a great monitor. Of all the 40+ 4k's out there I like this company the best so far. I'm a visualization artist and the screen real estate is life altering. I've never seen a panel go bad like this and I've been around the block with high-end graphics for 20+ years. I'm game to flash this controller or even buy a new board (how hard would that be to set up ?) but if I need a new panel I'm on the warranty wagon . . . or shopping.

Would like to get this one back in commission somehow. TIA.

That's the only thing holding me back from getting one of the big Korean monitors is the warranty. Would WM even accept an RMA? And if so, would you have to pay postage to Korea both ways? I imagine it would be expensive, plus you would get hit by import tax again once it's back. Sounds like a nightmare.

Anyway good luck. I would suggest taking your question to the many other hardware forums out there that have a bigger readership, as more likely to get a quick answer and if you're lucky somebody who has already had the same issue as you and fixed it.

Shipping back and forth is a no-go really, better to go shopping . . . What other hardware forum would you recommend ?

Definitely some risk shipping back and forth; many folks I know have had their new monitor arrive damaged (Including mine) but the RMA in that situation has been smooth for most. This is the big problem, mine's only been in service for ~6 Months.

I'd only buy Korean if I also got a SquareTrade or equivalent warranty with it.

But to your problem, this seems pretty obviously a backlight issue. If you look really really closely on the right side, can you still see your display? If so, it's almost definitely that. However, not sure I can tell you how to fix this. On laptops, this is a common problem where a small power inverter board usually needs to be replaced and that results in the backlight coming back on. No clue about these monitors though. They might be the same or they might be different.

Hopefully this gives you some direction to look! And good luck!

Mailing it back should be around $110 for regular shipping once you arrange an RMA. This is very likely a backlight controller. if you have a competent local electronics shop it is likely an easy fix and probably still around $100 to fix

@Jaxidian I think you nailed it : back light controller. Yes you can see the display is showing almost all the way to the right side (further than it looks in the photo). Still waiting to hear back anything from WM on this. . . but I'm totally game to open the back and replace what's needed. This panel has ZERO dead pixels - worth it just for that.

Does anyone think a firmware re-flash / upgrade might resolve this ? Or is this definitely hardware? . . . curious.

@wendell - $100 is about 10% of a new replacement - what have I got to lose ! ;) I could ship it back and forth and it might come back busted - the first one I ordered was dropped on it's corner, broke the glass. . . geez. thank you for weighing in.

Do you think a firmware re-flash might resolve this?

damn... would drive me nuts having that happen. hope u get it sorted bud!

I think there's nearly no chance the firmware can affect this.

Yeah . . . got it. Thank you!