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Was it worth it Deep Silver? Metro Exodus Denuvo DRM cracked in 5 days



Before the launch Deep Silver claimed they had to buy the Denuvo DRM solution to protect their game.
Fast forward to release + 5 days and this happens: NFO

We will never know for sure how much money was paid for Denuvo, but one wonders if Deep Silver has gotten their money’s worth.
Also, guess what people boycotting the Epic Store are going to do…


Where did they claim this?


This is pretty normal for near-launch windows of Denuvo.
Most companies are probably still putting up with it because cracking groups don’t tend to go after DLC anywhere near as hard and those items tend to take weeks to get cracks and/or integration into the cracked build from what I gather, if they ever get in at all, and for whatever reason making it seem like you as a company are making ‘industry standard efforts to protect your IP’ seems to please shareholders for whatever reason.

I just hate it when you get this crap on low-spec games like Sonic Mania or Puyo Puyo Tetris where the overhead can just be brutal for people who might be playing these games that would otherwise run perfectly fine on low-end hardware (especially with newer revisions of Denuvo), and surprise; you get reports of people who experience stuttering and unpleasant performance issues even when they’re way above sysreqs. :roll_eyes:

I also can’t blame people who decide supporting the developers under the wing of the publishers making these decisions is the lesser evil, especially when most developers don’t have, like a Patreon or a clearly advertised address where you can write them donation checks or anything (and I can’t imagine most publishers would be too receptive of allowing such things).


I’d laugh but sadly that five days is probably all they wanted or expected out of it. So long live crappy drm and may the paying customer always lose.
Only way to make them see the error of their ways is not to buy the games, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen either…
Hope they at least remove it now that it’s useless.


I get bored of the metro games in under an hour anyways so if it goes for 80% off on steam I might buy it just for collecting purposes. But that requires things like it being on steam and a few years wait for that kind of price drop and not feeling vindictive for pulling a title that was up for preorder from steam for a whole year and making it exclusive to a store I won’t use just like Origin. Could you imagine the $#!% storm that would have happened if it was going to release on PS4 and XBox and people had pre-ordered it, then at launch it was a PS4 exclusive for a year…


Making people wait a week certainly got them some sales. Whether it was enough to pay for the DRM license, who knows.

Typically these agreements have conditions triggering paybacks if the game is cracked in under a month.


lol if it’s really for the duration of a month, then Denuvo Software Solutions should logically barely be making money at all.

Nearly every popular game falls in under a week. Most under two.


Right here


Well the sales will tell the story. I think the publisher (Deep Silver) was being rather short sighted with this move, and it lost them a lot of goodwill in the PC community. The developer and consumers are the losers.

I paid full price for every Metro game so far but didn’t get this one with the decision to remove it off Steam. I don’t have anything against buying games on the Epic Store but what irked me is how they had it listed on Steam for such a long time and then suddenly removed it right before release.

Also using Denuvo is silly now in my opinion since it gets cracked fairly quickly now. Back when it took months to crack Denuvo protected games it made more sense.


I still think this entire mess with changing stores and putting a half passed years wait in the game for the others is some sort if experiment they are running. Unfortunately there is no way to tell as they are the Ines running it.

I am not surprised the used DRM and less so denuvo, it is thenpopukar choice and also the most hated currently. What I am surprised about is that they made mention if it specifically rather than just carry on and release with out note.


Every industry has a hierarchy of competitors just like the automobile sales industry has for example: top tier, middle tier, lower tier, bottom tier. Each tier has its own revenue, cost/overhead, and profit parameters, rules, and motives. I assume because players in each tier still exist, that either the players in each tier make a reasonable profit for their risk and investment or they fail and are replaced with new players who believe they can do better (turnover). Either way, the continued existence of a business entity implies they are profiting enough to stay in the “game” unless the business is front from another activity (not likely but mentioned for completeness anyway). Simple economic analysis and observation.