Was given a base model M1 Mini, any cool ideas/projects to use it for?

So as the title says i was given a M1 Mini Base model (8gb ram/256gb storage) and just been using it as a charging hub for my Iphone/ipad/airpods ever since using a mac pro 2019 for my mac application needs, and trying to find a use case for it, maybe for some homelab usage would be nice!

if anyone has any ideas id love to hear it!

Might want to reconsider which machine you use as your primary computer…

Mostly kidding. The YouTuber’s Mac mini has twice the RAM of yours, but it’s still an interesting comparison. But it’s notable that the M1 can come as close as it does, at a much lower price point and higher efficiency.

Or, if you really want a project, you could convert an old 27" Intel iMac into an 27" M1 iMac.

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Backup machine, send to…

You will have a remote backup. :wink:

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Interesting that you say this. I inherited a 2012 iMac due to a failed HDD. I recovered the data but she did not want the iMac back. I was wondering if I could find a “broken” M1 and put the internals in there. A cursory glance showed that I would need to perform some surgery to relocate some ports the match the existing port locations of the 2012 iMac.

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@Mastic_Warrior As far as the ports are concerned, here’s a more technically oriented YouTuber converting an old G5 iMac with an M1 logic board. He successfully hooks up some of the external ports on the G5 chassis.