Was 911 planned by the US goverment?

Some of you may call me a conspiracy theorist but you should hear me out before doing so. 43% of Americans do not know that there was a third building that fell during 9/11,WTC 7. It fell from what appeared to be a controlled explosion as seen in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD06SAf0p9A. It supposedly collapsed due to an office fire which would be the first time an office fire were to burn through steel supports. Many believe that it was actually setup by the government. In the past the government has tried to commit acts of terrorism in an attempt to frighten the public into supporting their causes. One such case is operation Northwood in which members of the government proposed an order to commit acts of terrorism that they would blame on Cuba in order to build a hostile public opinion towards them. The way i see it, it all connects 9/11 the war on terrorism. All of it was to feed the greedy war machines. Billions of dollars sent to Iraq and Afghanistan mysteriously disappeared, most likely in to someones pocket. I am not trying to force my opinion on anyone i am just trying to give you an opportunity to look at the facts and decide for yourselves.


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yeah, sure it was.

Maybe allowed by certain politicians with certain financial interests in mind. But not something that our actually government gave orders to happen.

I don't know what to think about this. But after doing some research on Operation Northwood I can't say this couldn't be true.

Lulz oh how times have changed,

If you said this 10 years ago you would be prosecuted by your peers. Nowadays its just like a accepted fact to most.

>Implying government leaders are smart enough to do this

it was the shadow government. the 33'rd degree.

Nobody in Europe thinks it was really a terrorist attack. Nobody trusts the American government one bit, we all think it was a government job here.

it was the illuminutty man

I planned and conducted it.

also the names OBAMA and OSAMA are so similar, they have to be connected somehow....

"bin laden" BIN=binary. alternating between 1 and 0 every letter so a=1, b=0, c=1.......

"L-a-d-e-n" is 01010 wich is 10

10-1 is "9" 10+1 is "11" "911"!!!!!!!


Check out these


the protocols of the learned elders of zion


The world is run by an occultist group of Saturn worshippers.  Get used to it.

Also look at the 'Ancient Knowledge' vids by KilluminatiTheMovie on youtube.

Look at Sacred Geometry. 

"In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God."

All there is is vibrational energy - or sound if you will - matter does NOT exist. 

I was an atheist, but now i realise that we probably live in a matrix-like simulation stuck in time.  The conflict at the centre of the Theory of Everything is telling. The only way to explain quantum physics is something scientists don't want to hear.  Go see what Carl Jung said when he was asked if he believes in God.  (I am not religious - God is a 'useful' term)

Seriously, the truth is stranger than fiction.  Knowledge is freedom.

Go read for five years.

I have many links, and lost links - feel free with the questions


Watch these



Dont say that too loud....Though I agree.

It was the Illuminati k

i don't think the american government did it but i think they knew about. just from the research i've done. im kinda happy that the canadian government haven't done anything like this but to be fair i don't follow my owns countries politics >..< 

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Most of the major wars involving the USA were started under false pretenses or involved fraudulent incidents that allowed the USA to become involved in the war. Why would the 'War on Terror' be any different?