Warranty buying for video card

Do you buy the extra warranty I live in Canada to buy the accidental warrenty it doesn't come into effect till after the three years gigabyte warranty. Is it even worth it to buy or am I just throwing money in the wind sorta speaking. This card will not be over clocked

well what card is it? how much does the extra warranty cost? it may be worth it if your gpu has a problem and is a high end gpu, but if it is a cheaper one it might not be.
for instance if you get a r9 280 it's not going to be worth even 50$ in 3 years.

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just a rx480 8gb card

how much is the warrenty?
if it's cheap go for it, if it's expensive dont bother. 3 years down the road you could drop your gpu, get a new one and sell it on craigslist brand new

1y 25.00 2 y 50.00 3 y 65.00 all quoted accidental

i would not as electronics devalue quicker then anything else not organic. just trust in the gigabyte one for 3 years and by then it probably wont be worth the cost of the warrenty.


thanks for your help not going to buy it like you said not worth.

Extended warranties are a known waste of money. It is a scare tactic by salespeople to earn them more money.
It is recommended that you never buy one for anything, be it electronics or a car or whatever.


I agree with the responses you've already recieved... If you're still considering the warranty, don't. By the time the extended warranty kicks in the value of the card will be like what, $100 at best?

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