Warner Brothers Minecraft Movie in The Tunnel

Warner Brothers and Markus Persson are working together to make a Minecraft movie. The success of “The Lego Movie,” it has possibly paved a way for a new form of movies in Hollywood (my prediction).

There was a tweet released by Markus himself someone was trying to leak the news about the Minecraft movie. He wrote, “Someone is trying to leak the fact we're working with Warner Brothers on a potential Minecraft Movie. I wanted to be the leak!” Well someone beat him to the punchline on that. He also said the tweet was the real deal.

Warner Brothers have acquired the rights to begin production of “The Minecraft Movie.” There is a huge interest caught, by the writers and directors. Rumor has it that Warner Brothers plans on turning this into a live-action film.

Taking a look at my side of this, I honestly feel that this movie will be a huge hit like “The Lego Movie.” Minecraft has been a very huge success since 2011. I found the game boring, but that's be being the party pooper. I would like to see this movie myself.

Source: CNET


I cannot see any movie based on minecraft, short of something animated, being even remotely successful. There's no plot, no real objective, there isn't even dialogue! 

Look they have been trying to wrangle up a MGS movie for years, and that game was written like a movie to begin with, with pre-developed plot-lines,ingenious settings, and enough characters to sink the titanic under the shear weight of bodies. And has a MGS movie ever materialized? No.

Maybe Warner-Brothers is serious, maybe they are going forward with a movie, maybe even a live action movie... If they are, I think they have completely lost their minds.

A live action version of minecraft will be a flop of epic proportions, unless they make it a straight up comedy, and then its only going to make a meager profit.