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Pretty much. It is only fun when you play with other people. I know more people who play it on Windows than people who play it on PS4. I am on PS4 :confused: It think that I still have to do the War Within too. I have like 4 missions that I need to complete before changing focus to the Eidolon stuff. Right now, I do minimal damage to the Colossus like creatures.


Mr24 and 3/4ths
Love to help


Love to help.


Megalomaniakaal MR6
Platform: PC
Primary Frame: Volt
Primary Weapon: Soma

As long as I have the free time, love to help.



Figured I should make a thread…

Here is a place where you can put you in game name, rank, platform or whatever…So people on this forum can play together if they want…Or if they need help with something…
I guess this can be a small hub for the tenno on this forum…

I have been playing for almost six months…

Name: NonServian
Rank: 17
Platform: PC
Clan: Supermassive Gaming