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Warframe guild/org


Really I am looking for Guild/Org or do they call it a clan??Since they are space samurai or something…Just feel like I am hitting a wall because I don’t want to spend any money on this game…Just hit rank 4 been playing a few weeks I think…

My Excalibur frame is maxed…Just made some new weapons…Missing a couple of argon crystals to make some Akzani sidearms…
This game is complicated(or seems that way) and I think a clan could help explain stuff…

Edit: Also even if I can’t join your guild…I would be happy to see you in the verse Tenno…

Play Warframe?

I play but on PS4 since there is no GNU/Linux client.

PSN is mastic_warrior


yes it is

yes and it gives you access to a ton of stuff (provided the clan has the stuff researched)

I’m ThatBootsGuy btw. MR is 22

You can get these in the void. However, only get them when you need them since they decay (slowly disappear from your inventory).

There is literally no reason to unless you want to support DE or get some of the tennogen stuff. Plat can be obtained by trading when you get some decent stuff i.e. riven mods or certain prime parts.

Better tag him i guess…


I was like that for a bout a year or two. I eventually caved and gave them 75 USD as I felt that it was worth the hours of joy and frustration that this game brought me. I mostly did it to get mod slots and what not because I have a crap ton of gear and had a lot of stuff build that I could not equip because I had no available slots. I have bought a few aesthetic items, but I have kept it the plat usage down to a minimum.


me too, just slots and a select few other things along with 1 zaw because it was a great deal.

I’d recommend you only buy plat when you get 75% off, because $50 for $200 worth of plat is actually worth it.


The clan I have is at it’s limit sadly, but there are a lot of clans in recruiting chat that will add you in a heartbeat. Also after you complete the second major story quest there are things you can trade for TONS of plat. (Prices as high as 10k plat)
Before you know it you will have a ton of weapons/Warframes in cue and you’ll be going into more advanced missions.
Boots n I will have to say hi to you in game some time =)


Yeah, There was a PSN sale for pay 75USD and get 150% worth. Sony has to get their cut.


Cool I am on PC…So that sucks…


I have not got into the trading aspect yet. I am sure that I have valuable stuff. Unfortunately, most of the people that I know are on PC while I am on PS4. The PC users get the good stuff at least a month or two before we do and I don’t think the two worlds mix.


Yeah I am same name as here…I am on Stolen Dreams in the codex stuck on a steal info mission might have to use a mod to give me an extra second when hacking…Is that what you mean by story quest…I run it at least once a day…
I have a kubrow egg, but can’t hatch it…So I skipped it for now…Running with my sentinel…Also skipped man of few words…You gotta talk to a guy in a relay or something…


Hey I have a small ghost clan that you are welcome to join.

I’m The_Idiot_you_yell_at MR 12.


Not that quest this the second “cinematic” Quest no spoilers =P you need to go through most of the junctions to get it. Corpus Hacking Hint, work on the outside first then finish with the center.
You have to do the “Howl of the Kubrow Quest” to hatch your dog and their are at least 5 breeds of dogs you can get. Big, Small, medium and different fur patterns too.
Man of few words requires you to talk to darvo in the discount store, in the relay you can press esc then fast travel and “darvo deals”


Cool I am trying to open up junctions right now…


Yeah that is how I did it as soon as I saw how large the hack puzzle is…Think I was just clicking to quick…Might have to play that one muted…So the sound fx doesn’t affect me…lol
Scanning cephalon on mars right…Man is it tedious…


Gotta get to the void…Need 4 crystals now…Need a new side arm(akzani) and melee weps(twin basolk)…Was think since they already have heat could put blast on them easy and other elemental damage…Could be wrong though…


In the market you can buy Weapon BPs and there are a bunch of fully build weapons you can also buy for credits in the market.


Yeah that is where I am getting most of my weapons right now…Only have 5 plat…If that is what it is called…Is it weird that all I really want is a color pallet…I just want black and a red that is not pink…lol


Sweet all I need now is oberon systems to make a standard oberon frame…


If you need help with the game, I do not mind playing with you.


Cool I have made it to the void…So I guess I will be farming argon crystals soon…Also I am missing one component for my last part of a nyx frame…I don’t know if I will like this frame but I need something new…I am just reliant on the stun of my Excalibur frame…
I have just picked of my 16 day reward so that is as along as I have been playing…
But will not be playing until later today sometime have to go to town and do stuff…
Making more weapons and stuff to try and raise my rank…Keep maxing out the ones I have…
For a grinding game this seems like fun…So much I still don’t know…