Warcraft : Are You Going To Go See It?

Hey everybody, I'm 'The Freeman', I'm here to pose a question to the community, having about a month until it releases is anybody interested to go see the "Warcraft" movie?

Personally I wasn't even born when the first Warcraft game came out (being born in the late 90's) so I don't have any nostalgia for it or any of the other games in the Warcraft series having never played any of them either. But are you going to go see it? Personally for me I am going to go see it I think it looks like a cool fantasy movie and I think it'll be a good popcorn action movie to say the least but than I started seeing (and hearing) recent stuff about it and now I have good faith in it, don't get me wrong as we all know video movies DON'T have the best track record in the world (I know that the general reception wasn't great but I liked the Prince of Persia movie). We all have that eerie feeling inside that this movie is going to be mediocre or just plain awful, but here are some things I have found that could give you some insight that this movie might not be like the other VG movies.

before anything else here is the first trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhFMIRuHAL4

First, the filming finished in late may 2014, almost exactly two years ago. - http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2014/05/23/world-of-warcraft-movie-has-completed-filming.aspx

Second, They have been working on the VFX ever since and probably before they finished filming. - http://www.pcgamer.com/the-warcraft-film-is-pretty-much-a-finished-movie/

Also if anybody is curious Bill Westenhofer who did the VFX on 'Life Of PI' is the VFX supervisor for the film. - http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/behind-screen/life-pi-vfx-supervisor-board-447306

Third, Gameinformer did a good interview with Duncan Jones (the Director on the project) about a week or two ago which I recommend for EVERYBODY to check out. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn8deG8M9tE The time stamp for the interview is 1:28:46

And Fourth, here is a featurette about the VFX for the film -

Now I know that I've talked about the animation a lot and I know that VFX doesn't make a good movie but you gotta give the movie credit, it looks beautiful. Now my fears for the film is the story is crap or the acting is bad or both but I have good faith in the film after the interview and I have confidence it will be good, maybe not great but at least good.

What I want (and probably everybody else out there) is for me to care about the characters on the Orc side of things, personally I think they're gonna do a good job on that but who knows they might not, also correct me if I'm wrong but being able to play both side's in the original game is what made that game good right?

Could it be crap? Maybe. Could it be good?
Maybe. So are gonna see it?

Also this is my first topic I've started how did I do?

looks good, why not? found free movie tickets the other day cleaning out my garage

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no. It going to be garbage its a waste of money.


Ha, that is hilarious anarekist.

Well, i am not personally going to pay for this crap. However, i can't wait to see thousands and thousands of fanboys crying "This is not World of Warcraft" when the movie is named Warcraft and it has been said, that it will be based on the first game's story back from 94 and there is nothing WoW about it in the trailers as well... That would be hilarious...

i played those games, i hope it's about destroying the black gate!

Ill likely go see it. I know it won't be perfect to the lore and that's ok.

I'll see it, but I have free tickets too.

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Going to watch it.
After watching all this "we turned old comics into movies"-crap, it can not be as bad.
Would like a Starcraft movie better.

Maybe if this is successful we will get a Starcraft movie. Hope so :)

I agree 100%. There is such good lore for the big screen, hell the only reason I even play SC2 is so I can see the story and the amazing cut scenes.

I might go see it...

If anybody has ANY interest in the film or DOESN'T have any interest in it then watch the INTERVIEW Gameinformer did with the Director it is a GREAT interview, and it may cover any doubts you have about the film. I recommend it highly. :)

I probably won't see it in theaters.

Why go see it muahhahhaa

Unless there's a trailer for Warcraft 4 after the credits nope

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Did Blizzard write the story? If not, I've got a bad feeling about this. Also, having never played WoW, I hope I won't be lost if I actually bother to go see it.

I don't know if they wrote it or are they just visually involved, but what I heard was that Blizzard were very heavily involved with the movie.
I would rather they were not. Square Enix was heavy involved with the Final Fantasy movie and we all know where that ended...

I've played all the games. Read the lore from each manual. It being based on the first game, leaves me salivating for when they get to 3. It looks Warcraft, and the actors who are in it, used to play or currently play WoW a ton. So I can feel pretty safe in knowing it will be close to source material.

According to the interview done by Gameinformer the director re-wrote the script after Sam Raimi left the project and than he showed it to Blizzard, after he did that they said something to the extent like "Hey, this is what we're missing."

What the director did to the script was add more character to the Orcs and he's an avid Gamer, at the beginning of the interview they asked him what he was playing recently and he said 'XCOM 2' also he said he used to be really into the first Warcraft game when it came out and he also transitioned his Guild from a previous MMO over to WOW when that came out.

I can't recommend it enough but go ahead and watch/listen to the interview it's was really cool to see what he had to say.