War Thunder [Guideish/Survey Type Thing]

This is kind of just a general thread.


Warthunder is a WWII MMO Combat game (Not really mmo in the sense of 5000 people in a server at a time) where you fight people of 5 different countries: Japan, USA, England, Germany, and Soviet Russia, right now it is free in BETA and is still being worked on a lot. Currently you can play as air force vehicles, but they are in the process of adding ground and sea vehicles. It is pretty realistic and has 3 modes, Arcade which is the traditional combat killing people and blowing things up, but there is also Historical, which is a bit more realistic, and Full Real mode which is super realistic in controls and in gameplay. There are many types of planes like bomers and fighters, and servers are picked based on level (I think it is 0-2, 3-4, 5-6, so on). So yeah that is it.


If you are a warthunder player:

What do you think of the game so far?

What complaints do you have about the game?

What do you like most about the game?


If you don't play this game, I definatley reccommend it except for some kinks they are still working out like balance and upgrades (Russia had about 30 more planes than England, and Russia has much better starting weapons)

Other than the Russian planes being OP and cheaper, the game is faily well balanced and a much better playing experience than WoWP (IMO).